Tenga is a pleasure-oriented sex toy manufacturer that started out with a focus on penis toys and strokers, but who has recently branched out into vibrators as well. The company is especially cool due to their amazing price range – their toys display a lot of variety, from single-use quickies to long-lasting investments in pleasure, Tenga has something for every budget and occasion.

Most curious, perhaps, are the Tenga Eggs, which are sort of like the adult version of those Kinder Surprise eggs, but with sex instead of bad plastic toys inside. There are six variations in the original line, which is sold with all packaged in an adorable egg carton or just single, and they are so whimsical in their light-hearted, colorful designs. Inside, there’s a single-use masturbation sleeve and a little sachet of lube; the perfect ingredients for a fun time alone or in partnered play. The texture of the sleeve differs depending on the variation you choose. I was lucky enough to receive the Tenga Egg Wavy for review, which has a gentle, rippling texture as the name implies. While I don’t actually have a penis, I got to try this out with a partner and spoiler alert: it was awesome.

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First Impressions

“This looks like Easter,” my partner said, a little dubiously. He was pretty excited to try his first sex toy but somewhat confused by Tenga’s creative packaging. It’s pretty simple, really – strip off the outer wrapper, crack the plastic shell in half and inside there’s a tiny, domelike sleeve. The sleeve itself is made out of TPE, and so is delightfully squishy and stretchy, but not suitable for sustained use. There’s a small vial containing usage instructions in a few different languages and a sachet of water-based lube (the sachet is orange, mimicking egg yolk) placed inside the sleeve for maximum space efficiency. Basically, this packaging is on point. Unwrapping the egg is like a little adventure, and once you’re ready, all you need to do is squeeze the lube into the sleeve, spread it around a little with your finger to ensure it’s all properly coated, and you’re good to go.

In Use

My partner and acting stunt penis of this venture was pretty amazed at the sensation of just sliding it on. He later compared the feeling of the sleeve to a very thick, textured condom, but like, in a good way? The sleeve is incredibly stretchy, and while it appears to be designed primarily for stimulating the head of the penis, you can pull it downwards to cover more of the shaft as well. This creates a rather interesting visual aesthetic at the top as the material stretches most and becomes more transparent, but the effect on the texture is most significant. Elongating the sleeve means increasing the space present between the wavy interior lines and basically reducing the intensity. This isn’t a huge problem if you enjoy easing into sensation, and it gives the user the option to focus all that texture on the most sensitive glans and frenulum when they are ready to go all out. And yeah, all that focused texture is pretty powerful – almost overwhelmingly so. You’ll probably have your penis-having partner of choice on the edge pretty quickly, especially with some focused attention on their glans.

After climax, you might find that hypersensitivity makes it difficult to remove the sleeve right away. Once you do, however, cleanup is a breeze: just wrap it up, toss it away and you’re done! Obviously, this single-use item has its limitations, so don’t try to cheat the system and just rinse it off for the next time – the materials are meant to be temporary, and even ignoring the bacteria bloodbath you’d unleash upon your genitals, the sleeve will be sort of wrecked after a single good session.


I loved using the Tenga Egg Wavy with my partner; it was a really great way to add an extra level of sensation to partnered play. However, if you’d like to use it solo, it’s an awesome little way to treat yourself when you’re unable to use your regular toys (I can imagine the enterprising traveler rolling a few Tenga Eggs inside sock-balls before casually tossing them into a backpack), or when you’d just like to try something new. If you or any of your partners are just exploring the world of penis toys, the Tenga Egg Wavy is an excellent way to start!

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