Tenga is a sex toy company that focuses on providing a range of masturbation devices for the penis that will suit a wide price range, from the average consumer to someone that’s really looking to make an investment. The packaging for their strokers and sleeves is fun and bright, and their Cup series is no exception. The Tenga Cups are a range of disposable masturbatory aids in snazzy red branding, each with their own properties to provide a range of sensation for the user to choose from. I was lucky enough to receive the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup to review with my partner and acting stuntpenis, and we had a great time testing it together!

Note: This product is no longer available, but we love theTENGA Flip 0!

First Impressions

The Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is a sort of hourglass-shaped masturbator with a hard-shelled exterior, which was probably the origin of the ‘Cup’ moniker. The shape and packaging create a more abstract aesthetic, and the opening is neutral/genderless, so would be good for those who get a little freaked out by disembodied vulvas and anuses that are often common with penis toys. The inner lining is made from a soft TPE with a bunch of cool textures like nubs, waves and an alternating inner width to provide tighter and looser sensations within the Cup. This model also offers a suction effect which is controlled by a valve at the top, which initially comes covered with a sticker. We peeled all the wrapping off the cup to reveal an unbranded, white plastic which makes the item look pretty nondescript, but I lamented the loss of the funky red.

The toy comes pre-lubricated, so you don’t have to do much more after that than uncap the insertion point and slide in.

In Use

“Whoa,” my partner said. “This is tight.” From the slightly concerned expression on his face, I presumed he wasn’t using the slang term. It turns out that Tenga does some larger and smaller versions of its Cups, to fit a variety of penises. This Cup was standard issue, so those who are a little larger might want to scale it up. Nevertheless, we found we could make it work. The soft inner sleeve has a seam which is meant to allow for some expansion for easier thrusting, but initially we thought the toy had broken. Nope, just a design failsafe! Thanks, Tenga.

I sort of took a backseat on this one, preferring to watch my partner explore it for himself. For those unused to toys with a suction function, it’s a slightly different adventure to regular masturbation. Instead of the gliding motion and pressure that comes with using your hand, the pressurised effect created by the suction pulls everything in one direction, focusing all the sensation on the glans (which is closest to the vacuum valve, obvs). The tugging sensation can be physically felt as you stroke with the Cup – it almost feels like the toy is fighting back. When I gave it a try, the resistance was light but definitely there. It definitely makes for an interesting experience; really focusing on the sensitive head of the penis. It felt great, but my partner did mention that this was the primary source of sensation – he didn’t really feel any of the cool, space-age textures at all. We think that this was because the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup was a bit too tight for him, compressing all the nubs and ripples until they ceased to really mean anything anymore.


Cleanup is a breeze – just put the cap back on, and throw it away. Yep, just toss it in the bin. Unfortunately, because this product is made for single use only, it is impossible to clean and even if you use a condom/don’t ejaculate inside the cup (not recommended, by the way), the materials are not made for repeated use and will degrade because of this. Although I’m aware that humans in the Western world generate massive amounts of waste, it feels so much more … personal when it’s high-end sex toy that you’re blithely tossing after just one use.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I really enjoyed using the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup with my partner. He had a great time and got to experience some cool sex toy features. The only thing that would put me off from recommending it to a friend is the cost-to-use ratio. It seems too costly for a single-use toy – financially and environmentally. However, it’s not a bad toy – quite the contrary; we had the best time with it. If you are an astronaut off to dump some earth-trash into orbit, take a buttload of Tenga Original Vacuum Cups along in your suit and you will not regret it.

This product is no longer available, but we love theTENGA Flip 0!


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