On Thanksgiving, we are reminded of what we are thankful for, and probably more relevantly, what we “need” (cue the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals). While thanking whoever or whatever you thank – whether it’s your family, the roof over your heads, or all the other things that you are so lucky to have (including the internet to read this post), I want to remind you to thank your body.

Thank my body? That sounds cheesy and self-lovey and technique-y; but that’s not how I mean it. As a warrior and conqueror of eating disorders, I have done this a lot.

  • Even as much as you talk shit about your body, it keeps working for you.
  • No grudges, no passive aggression, no hurt feelings – it just keeps working.
  • Take two minutes (just two!) as you do whatever you’re doing today, and realize how many things your body is doing for you without you asking.
  • It’s amazing.
  • If you’re feeling very festive, you can even write a letter to your body, like mine below.
  • But, however you choose to give your body credit for working for you 24/7, just take a second to thank it.

You (and it) deserve it.