Sleeping with sluts is unquestionably frowned upon in our society. A slut is a woman who, according to Urban Dictionary, “has the morals of a man”. A clearer definition describes a slut as, “a sexually promiscuous person, usually female”. This woman is considered in society to be dirty and is often assumed to have sexually transmitted infections, yet she still has no trouble finding partners to sleep with. So, go figure. The stereotypical reputation of a slut can be explained by social concepts and people’s fear of a strong woman. But, what really needs to be explained is why sleeping with sluts is nothing to be ashamed of, and can actually be quite enjoyable.

By society’s definition, I am a slut. I’ve kissed more people (girls and boys) than there are weeks in a year. I have been called name after name, yet I continue my sexual promiscuity. This resilience, in turn, has led me down some really fun and kinky roads. A perk of sleeping with a slut can be just that – their experience!


1. Experience is Exciting

Through my sexcapades I have had to learn about the male psyche, that sometimes my sexuality is my only power, but mostly, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering what I enjoy most in bed! The first thing I ask my new partners is what their fantasy is and, I’ve found, that even if I’m not super turned on by their fetish/fantasy, it’s much more fun to see someone’s eyes roll back in their head then to just see them closed. Sex is so much fun when a person knows what turns them on!

Sluts have had the experience and the time to figure out what it is that really turns them on. From my experience, men love it when a woman knows what she wants in bed. They like having a break from having to figure women out, so much in fact, that it usually thrills them. After learning what turns me on, I learned much more about myself. I learned that when a woman likes to be dominated, it can mean she is very powerful and usually more assertive and can get even more pleasure during submissive acts. I always encourage people who are exploring their sexualities to put their shame away because it has no place in bed (or in a chair, or on the dryer). Plus, don’t they say it’s always good to expand your (horizontal) horizons?

2. Sexy Satisfaction

A second perk is that if a woman is a slut, she may be excited by the idea of satisfying a man as he has never been satisfied before. She will put in maximum effort into whatever task is at hand (or at mouth). Personally, I take pride in my sexual talents. I know that what I do, I do well. I get excited by the idea of shocking people with the difference between my personality and my sexual preferences. It’s so much fun to be the girl you can take home to mom but also the girl who will have sex in your mom’s bed!

3. Fucks or Feelings?

Something else to consider is that most sluts tend to be a lot more honest about what they want from a partner. I have, of course, had experiences where I have developed feelings for a partner… but I am able to decipher which feelings come from my heart, and which from oxytocin. In general, I am upfront with a sexual partner about what I want to be to them, and if they send me confused or mixed signals, I have no problem asking them, “So, what do you want this to be?”

4. Healthy Hussies

The opinion that sluts have any more sexually transmitted infections than any other sexually active being is exaggerated. In this generation, sexual education on safe sex is everywhere. You can find what you aren’t taught in school on the internet, or simply by tuning in to MTV. In fact, I would argue that because we sluts are so in tune with our sexuality and aware of the risks, we would be even more responsible with our sexual health by using protection and getting tested. Since I sleep with so many partners, I know that if I were to ever have to make the embarrassing, “you need to go get checked” call, it would be mortifying and frankly, it would be hard to keep track who I needed to contact. I also know that since I expose myself to so many people, I need to put my safety and health above pleasure sometimes. Though it feels great to have sex without a condom and sometimes you may feel that you’re disappointing your partner by demanding to use one, you know that this one decision could change your entire life.

5. Powerful Pussies

Men say they want a woman who is honest and most like a woman who has her own opinions. A slut has both of those traits plus the courage to state how she feels without being worried that she will be rejected or that she will offend. A slut realizes that she enjoys getting what she wants and that being assertive and honest, is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. So stop shaming, and start sleeping with one already!


*All gender nouns were used to make article flow and the author wants to assure readers that she encourages all humans to sleep with sluts, no matter how they identify – and that both males and females can identify as sluts.