As a self proclaimed slutty girl, it’s always been my dream to explore and toy around with new sexual objects (get it?). To mine and all my friends’ surprise, I haven’t used a single sex toy at all, so this was definitely a new experience. I decided that as I embarked on my new adventure, I would start first with the Body Wand Mini! This little fella seemed to be perfect for me as a beginner, but was enticing enough to capture my attention. I definitely wasn’t disappointed!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the We Vibe Tango instead.

Name: The Body Wand Mini (pocket sized massager style vibe)
Type: Vibrator, Clitoral Vibe
By: Xgen

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Naughtiness: 2 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Materials: Plastic, Rubber
Special Features: Multi Speed, Travel Friendly, Inexpensive, Cute Design, Beginners, Battery

Why I Love It

Since I live in a house with seven other girls, the Body Wand was the absolute perfect vibrator for me to try out because of its small size and discreetness. I laid down in my bedroom, snuck under the covers, and as I found a hot video to watch on my phone with my left hand, I turned on the Body Wand with my right and started my adventure. It felt very smooth and was very easy to hold because it is pocket sized, which is a big advantage for me. I usually need my phone in one hand, because I’m a lot more visually stimulated than anything else. So, it’s tiny size (just 4 inches high) was absolutely perfect. Something that also pleasantly surprised me is that the top of the Body Wand is a bit flexible and it bends rather than just staying completely stiff. I found that useful towards the end of my ride, when I wanted it to hit the right spot and could position it just perfectly to bring me to orgasm!

The Perfect Look

I absolutely love the look of this Body Wand because it is so adorable and cute. It’s small and pink. with little rhinestones around it, which just make it look like an accessory. This way, if I forget to keep it somewhere hidden, it’s not really obtrusive and I’m sure not many guys would be able to tell it apart from a makeup or hair accessory. It’s super easy to travel with because of its size and it comes in a small box, so you can just easily keep it in there for storage.

Fast or Slow

There are a few different speeds, so depending on how intense you want it to feel, it’ll meet your needs. I started out at the slowest speed and all it takes is a small, quick turn to bump it up a notch. Three twists later and you’ll find yourself at a toe-curling speed that is sure to bring you to climax. Experienced users will likely find this type of vibration to be a bit weaker and buzzier than their preferences, but it was perfect for a beginner like me who isn’t used to the sensation, and could use a little warming up. Although this massager is pocket sized, it truly packs a punch and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how intense it can get (especially because the vibration is so focused). The best part is that even on the highest speed, it remains pretty quiet- definitely not completely silent, but you’ll be able to use it behind closed doors without being noticed.

Easy Maintenance

This Body Wand model takes batteries comes with batteries, which was very helpful, since they’re tiny and would be hard to find otherwise. I’ve only used it four times so far and the batteries are working fine, but I do make sure to take them out when I’m not using the toy. If you leave them in, the toy will die quicker. Because it uses batteries, the sensation will also decrease over time until you change to a new set of batteries. I also make sure to clean it after every use. The top of the Body Wand, which is the only part touching you, is a rubber like material that you can remove, so I use warm water to wipe and clean it and then you can just put it back on after drying it. The rest of the toy is plastic and not waterproof, so don’t submerge it or run it under water.


Overall, I think this was the perfect toy for a beginner like me to use. It is not intimidating whatsoever- it’s actually super inviting because of its aesthetic pleasure. On top of that, it has a few different speeds and can give you a slight buzz, to an overwhelming sensation, which is perfect to customize your experience. It’s very easy to store and use, making this a one-hand excursion. It doesn’t make too much noise, which makes its discreetness very advantageous, and it’s fun to play with without any worrying. If you’re looking for penetration, you can pair it with a dildo in one hand, while using the Body Wand in another. I have yet to try this while having sex with my boyfriend, but I’m positive this stimulation would be amazing while having sex! It’s so small that it’d be easy to use, even in the tightest positions. That’ll give us something to do this weekend… Enjoy, my fellow slutty girls!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the We Vibe Tango instead.


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