Getting ready for a party can either be super stressful, or if you’re doing it right, really fun! Sometimes, the pre-game can be more fun than the actual party, and the time when you can make the most memories! So, don’t rush the couple of hours you have before you’re too blackout to remember the night. Here are some helpful tips to make getting ready a great time.

The Outfit

When preparing to go out, pick out a sexy outfit that’s going to make you feel hot at all times. Be sure to wear something flattering, so you won’t have to worry whether anything is out of place or if it doesn’t look right. Confidence is the hottest part of your outfit. On a warm day, I’d recommend a cute, tight skirt and a crop top to show off your curves and show a little skin. On a cold day, I’d recommend cute jeans or leggings matched with a cute blouse or sweater. But, it’s whatever YOU think makes you look good that counts. If you’re not sure if your outfit is cute or not, ask your friends! Not the bitchy friend that’s going to say yes to an ugly outfit so that she looks better than you… and not the friend that’s going to yes to anything to avoid hurting your feelings. Ask your closest gal pal so that you can trust her opinion! When all is said and done, embrace the clothes you’re wearing! Or as a slutty girl, the lack thereof.

Hair! Makeup! Shoes! Oh My!

Depending on your outfit, you’re going to want to finish off your look with a great hairstyle and the perfect accessories to embellish what you’re wearing. Whether you go out with your hair pin straight or curl your hair to create beautiful waves, you’ll look stunning no matter what. It all depends on what you think looks best on you! To go with the outfit I normally like to go with a gold themed smokey eye and a cat eye, but make up is such an individualized accessory… so you can get very creative. As long as it makes you look sexy and matches your outfit, go for it! Before you go, don’t forget to party proof your makeup so it’s sure to last all night. Of course, you’re going to wear some nice heels to clean up your entire look. One good idea would be to carry a purse with you and keep flats in it just in case those heels give you blisters – we’ve all been through it. If you’re not into heels, try some cute sandals or flats when it’s warm out or boots in the cold! Again, your style is unique to you and if you like what you see in the mirror, be confident about it and everyone else will think you look great too!

The Pre-Game

There are a couple of different kinds of pre-games. My favorite is the one with your closest friends and a whole lot of drinking games. Whether it’s beer pong, shot roulette, or kings, drinking is so much fun when you’re around people that you’re comfortable with! So get together with your close friends, put on your favorite party playlist, crack open a few beers, take a few – or a lot – of shots and have fun!

You can also take a chance with some new friends and acquaintances. The best pre-game I’ve been to was hosted by a school club I’m in. I didn’t know the people that well, but my friend and I decided to go and give it a chance. Drinking with these people ended up being so much fun, and I found out I had a lot in common with the people in my club! You can make the best of it, and create some new connections in the process.

An even funnier pre-game is the one where you stumble into a random house and crash that party! Sometimes this doesn’t always work and you’ll get kicked out, but it still makes a good story. If you’re a slutty girl, you can use your assets to get in, and stay in too.

The best part about a pre-game is that there can always be one! It doesn’t matter if there’s an actual party to go to or not… you can still pre-game for anything. Who knows… your pre-game can end up being even better than the party itself! Getting ready for the night is a great time if you utilize it right! So take shots, play loud music, dance with your friends, and enjoy the night the way a slutty girl would do it! The morning after will definitely leave you with some memories… and slutty girl problems.