Goddesses Are Inside Us All

I must say before you read this: I am no Greek mythologist, nor have I studied Greek mythology. However it has come to my attention that there are an awful lot of Greek goddesses within us. Particularly, two come to mind: Artemis and Aphrodite. They could not be any more different; one wishes to be chaste her whole life and the other, despite having a husband, still indulges in many lovers. If everyone else has an ego like mine then you are probably already aware you probably don’t need to read about how you are the love child of two bad ass goddesses. However it is a skill to self-sustain your confidence and this will help you on your way.


If you’ve had more than a few sexual partners, you may accept the “slut” label and use it to empower yourself and others. So you may be wondering why I relate such promiscuous alpha female behavior to that of Artemis, who wishes to never engage in sexual activities, ever. Through this comparison I reinforce that we shouldn’t feel indifferent to others because of our sexual activity; I also unite two opposing powers.


Artemis is goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. The hunt is what we as predators are very much aware of and used to. We, as huntresses, are on the prowl for the wild beasts (or at least I am; the muscly ones anyway). Like Artemis we use our skills to track down our prey and use our assets to get what we want. Similarly we shoot our arrows with poison, there will always be those who suffer from the ordeal, and yet the hunt must go on.  For most of us, hunting hours are usually in the comfort of the night. The moonlight will guide our instincts, bad decisions and the ones that we won’t recall (just like our friend Catwoman).

Artemis had to deal with her fair share of ninnies (I’m British I love using this word). I have read that a few randy fellows wished to break Artemis’ chastity, but she killed them or something just as hardcore. I told you Artemis was a bad ass! I know I’ve had to deal with guys that grope me and think they are allowed to touch without permission. Sadly I know there are many other females that have dealt with tools like this as well. This reminds us to take a stand; it is not okay for someone to touch you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. The more we stand up for ourselves as women, the more we address it, the less likely it is for people to think nothing of it. We are strong and independent women. As Huntresses we will take control of what happens to our bodies, without apologizing.


On the other end of the scale we have Aphrodite. Goddess of love, beauty and pleasure (and also of procreation but I’ll leave that out for now). Beauty is so subjective that the fact the media portrays their vision of beauty as almost universal is plain illogical and a little ridiculous. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and, although it may sound cheesy, it is SO TRUE! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have found through experience that some people think I am not at all attractive, which is okay because I couldn’t care less. On the other hand, there are those who think I look beautiful with sudocream on my face and snot flowing out of my nose. Perfection and beauty (like a lot of other concepts) don’t exist universally, so trying to become someone else’s definition of a concept is hopeless. As the love children of these two goddesses, we must embrace our own definition of beauty and stress that inner beauty IS a thing to be proud of.

As experts in pleasure seeking, we can proudly claim relation to Aphrodite. Pleasure is the result of successfully capturing a suitable beast. Our hedonistic ways are nothing to be ashamed of and pleasure is our conquest as a huntress. Knowing we are no different than our male counterparts makes us intimidating and powerful. We pursue our desires and recognize our own needs as nothing but human.

The Goddess Chose You

Although sometimes attained through slutty antics, love within the polygamous and slutty lifestyle is avoided by most; purely because the conquest is pleasure and not the ‘feels’. However, in some cases, we kiss the boys we accidentally make them fall in love and cry. So sometimes love is unavoidable when dealing with the sensitive male, you have to accept the fact that you have ripped his heart to shreds, and leave him to bleed as you hunt for your next beast.

Being a Huntress is more than having the skill to target, approach, and get what you want. It is about being independent and relying on yourself to keep you happy. Being fiercely in control of your life and pursuing dreams and ambitions, without fear of failure or challenge.

Now you are aware that you are a goddess-like entity; you may want to step back and remind yourself that you didn’t choose the goddess, the goddess chose you. It cannot be helped, and people will just have to accept it.

Thanks Ryan. <3