May is such a palpably exciting month. Mingling with the heat, you can feel an electric excitement in the air. Somehow the upcoming warmer months put everyone on the verge of a type of freedom only the summer season brings. Vacations with friends, summer Fridays, bikinis on the beach, and steamy nights become interwoven with all of our fantasies. May is thrilling in the same way Christmas eve is, providing the pleasant buzz of anticipation for what might be in store for us in the near future. 

They’re also both a time for gathering goodies. You’re stocking up on SPF, scrolling the new trends for your summer wardrobe change, and switching out your boots for the perfect sandal. Preparation for the sexiest season is also an amazing opportunity to set yourself up for some sensual adventures. New toys are the perfect outlet for self discovery and trying out curiosities before you launch yourself into a summer of love. There are so many creative options to choose from these days but luckily SGP’s specialty is sifting through the vast sea of treats and rounding up the cream of the crop. We’ve been taking our Masturbation May very seriously so you can get ready to get sweaty. Here are some standout goodies and stores for solo play, partnered play, and explorative play that we loved. Of course, we also have some discounts for our beloved sluts. 

Clone-a-Willy + Clone-a-Pussy by Empire Labs 















There’s nothing better than meeting someone who you share insane chemistry with; who bewitches you into feeling like you just can’t get enough of them. The Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy toys are a super creative and playful way to connect with a partner and never be truly without them. These body safe silicone molding kits allow you to literally clone your partners’ penis or vulva. The process is easy and uses algae based molding gels so you don’t have to worry about anything funky in your intimate spaces. Your parts become a work of art with their wide range of skin tones and neon silicone colors. You’ll be left with a sexy art project and personalized sex toy that turns you on only the way they can.

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WAANDS™Crystal Sex Toys 

Crystal adult toyIf you’re currently soaking your crystals in the fresh moonwater you harvested, oh boy, do we have the toy for you. WAANDS™ Sex Toys is a woman owned and operated company creating tools for slow pleasure. These gorgeous toys are handcrafted out of crystal and energetically refined for healing and profound release. They are not only for deep pleasure but also spiritual self care. Even holding them you feel aligned with a warm love and intention. The Rose Quartz Amrita Wand™ is crafted practically to stimulate the G spot and assist pussy owners in discovering their ejaculation response. Paired with their organic Pussy Butter ™which is safe for oral and internal use, you’ll feel elevated to your highest self and highest pleasure. The WAANDS™ toys and the Pussy Butter™ can be used for exploring your senses through body massage, temperature play, and anal play.

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Healthy and Active Better Sex Store

adult toyHealthy and Active is the adult equivalent of a massive candy store. Their website is a treasure trove of toys and accessories for every taste or desire. Their primary benefit is convenience. They have a huge variety of high quality toys at great prices. Their shipping and customer service is quick and efficient. Whether you’re looking to dive into your kinks, find something new for you and a partner, or want a simple vibrator, they’ll have it for you and quickly. A few unique finds that standout at a steal are the Thunderstick Premium Ultra Powerful Silicone Rechargeable Wand, the Thunderstick 2.0 Supercharged Power Wand, and the Power Pounder Vibrating Silicone Auto-Thruster. These high quality, super intense toys are all in one fun that can be used in so many kinds of play. The Thunderstick toys are sexy swiss army tools that can be paired with interchangeable attachments for endless options. 

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#LubeLife Lubricant

Intimate lubricantThe journey of a realistic and fulfilling sexual life is one filled with bumps and stalls you don’t always see on the screen. From sweltering heat and tangled limbs, sometimes making our deepest desires come true takes a little finesse! That’s when a great lubricant comes in. If the only thing you take from this article is that you need to be using lube then SGP can rest happily. Lube just makes sex better and #LubeLife’s premiere selections deliver a smooth sensation no matter what kinds of fantasies you’re fulfilling. Their Water Based Watermelon Flavored Lubricant is the perfect taste of summer that is also free from any nasty chemicals you don’t want. All Lube Life products are free from parabens and oils for skin safe sex. 

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Lady Suite Intimate Care 

All vulva owners know how annoying the heat can make caring for your down there. Whether you like hair removal or celebrate the bush, the delicate skin around your intimates can really suffer in the heat. Sand stuck in your bathing suit, sunburns, and trapped sweat can lead to major discomfort. Lady Suite’s three step care kit helps you pamper your beautiful, unique vulva and combat the effects of the heat. Their  Rejuvenating Botanical Oil is a rich and luxurious body oil that can be used anywhere you need some care including your delicate vulva. The oil packs some much needed moisture to help soothe chafing, ingrowns, dryness, or razor burn. Beyond being an amazing skincare addition, the oil is a soothing and sensual massage oil for foreplay or partnered intimacy. These science backed, shame free products support your intimate skin and give your vulva some well deserved love. 

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