The pregame: It’s almost as important as the event you’re attending. When you’re in college, it’s a whole party in and of itself. Once you’ve graduated, it’s the perfect way to save money while still getting a load on. Lucky for us, the pregame is timeless. Even once you’ve settled down, tailgating before concerts and games is always in. So what do you need to make sure your pregame is successful – and to ensure that the rest of the night stays the same way?


Before you even get the slightest bit of a buzz on, make sure you have plans as to how you’re going to get to the actual party (and home from it). While the pregame can be half of the fun of a night out, you don’t want to miss actually going out because you were too wasted to figure out how to split the fare on an Uber.

Food, Water, Mixers, & Chasers

The first essentials are things that will keep you full and hydrated. During the pregame, you’re either going hard and pounding shots before you hit the bars so that you only buy a drink or two, or you’re getting a steady buzz on with the intent of keeping it going all night. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you have food in your stomach and have enough water in your system to keep the party going. Make sure to grab dinner with your friends before you head out – think carbs, protein, and healthy fats. (Tacos are perfect – load up on that guac!) If you’re tailgating, grab some sandwiches and snacks on the way. The food will likely be cheaper than it is in the stadium, anyway. Also, make sure to have mixers/chasers on hand. Not only are they essential for drinking liquor, but your DD will likely appreciate having their favorite soda available and it’ll be great to replace your drinks with later if you become a little too inebriated.


Obviously, the whole point of a pregame is to enjoy some drinks before the big event. Make sure you’re stocked with necessary alcohol. Great options to rage before the rager include:

Light beer – It won’t get you too smashed, it’s easy to drink, and you won’t feel super full or guilty over the calories.

Fruity, easy to drink punches – The easier to drink, the better. Choose something fruity and fun, but be careful about alcohol content if you plan to go hard all day or night.

Your favorite liquor for shots – Remember the motto: Beer before liquor, never sicker. Liquor before beer, in the clear. If you’re planning to keep drinking once you get to the party, which you probably are, get the shots out of the way now. Just pace yourself, because no one wants to show up and immediately throw up.

Champagne – It’s the perfect classy pregame drink! Consider mimosas if the sun is still out, or even if it isn’t.

Avoid drinks that are heavier, both in caloric and alcoholic content. You’ll start to feel gross before the night is through if you’re too full or drunk early on. Drinks like champagne can make you feel classy, but wine might leave you feeling sleepy. Keep the way you and your friends react to different types of alcohol in mind before you start the pregame.

For some people, drugs or weed might be an option for the pregame instead of booze. Weed can leave you feeling mellow and ready to socialize, while party drugs can keep you going all night long or lead to an amazing, trippy experience. Always be careful and aware of your surroundings when you’re using drugs. If it’s your first time, definitely consider doing so without alcohol in your system.


The perfect playlist is essential for the pregame! Just like the best parties and bars have awesome DJs (even if the DJ is just your best friend and her iPhone), the best pregames do, too. Make a playlist on Spotify full of all of your favorite songs to get ready and pumped up to. Keep that aux chord handy so you can bring the tunes into the car with you and make sure to take requests from your friends!


A little bit of room to get ready is perfect. If you’re pregaming with the girls, not only will that include drinking, but you might all choose to get dressed together, too. Because of that, you’re probably not going to want to choose your friend’s tiny, cramped dorm. Plan for someone’s apartment instead.


If you’re trying to get a buzz on quickly, drinking games are great. Keep a deck of cards on hand for games like King’s Cup or Fuck You Pyramid. If there’s room for a pong table, set one up. Or you can always look up Power Hours on YouTube, create a drinking game out of your favorite movie, etc.


Most importantly, the pregame won’t be complete without your drinking buddies. So round up your favorite friends and get ready to get wasted!