The curators at Sohimi have added more sex toys to their best male adult toys collection. Sohimi offers quality toys at low prices points, if you’re in the market to buy male sex toys their online store has a wide variety of male masturbators! The Sohimi Feder Penis Massager is a unique combination of cock ring and vibrator, designed to give you complete stimulation to three pleasure points all at once! The Feder is perfect for solo masturbation sessions and with multiple ways to wear and play is a fun addition to partnered play. 


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Sohimi Male Masturbator with Three Points of Stimulation

Cock rings can help to increase sensation and make erections last longer. Well, the Feder Penis Massager comes with two rings! They extend from a short vibrating arm that houses the motor. There are multiple ways to wear the Feder to focus the vibrations on different areas around the penis. It’s designed so that the rings sit wrapped around the testicles and the shaft, while the arm rests on the perineum, so you feel the vibrations targeted to these three pleasure points and throughout. 

Generally, cock rings are meant to be a little snug to help slow blood flow but you won’t have to worry about fitting into the Fender. It’s made from body-safe stretchable silicone, to accommodate any sized penis. For comparative purposes think between 2 to 4 fingers wide. The smooth silicone also adds to the comfortable fit. 


sohimi male masturbator, feder penis massager, cheap male sex toy


Strong Vibes from Feder

Deep at the foundation of any good vibrator is a strong motor. Not just to give you high levels of sensation but also variety in pattern. Sometimes you need consistent sensation, other times you want variation to bring you up and down so you don’t end up over-stimulated. The Feder is compact but tucked into the short arm is a powerful motor. This male sex toy features 10 vibration settings, with a mix of intensities and patterns! 

The vibrations are felt most prominently at the base of the arm but can be felt throughout both the rings as well. The first three settings provide steady vibrations that increase in intensity. The remaining seven options are patterns that range from fast pulses to slower, drawn-out pulses that go from high to low intensities, and everything in between. 

The powerful motor is wrapped in silky silicone and features some textures to add another layer of sensation. Closer to the base of the rings is a raised ribbed pattern and at the very end is a series of small raised bumps. 


sohimi male masturbator, feder penis massager, cheap male sex toy

Flexible Positioning with Sohimi Feder

The best male adult toys are flexible. Flexible in fit and position. You can wear the Feder in its traditional position with the rings at the base and the vibrating arm extending back to the perineum. But you can also flip it around so the arm runs underneath the shaft, or even on top. Adjust the placement to wherever is most comfortable and pleasurable to you! 

Clearly, the Feder is a perfect sex toy for solo masturbation sessions but it can also be a great addition to partnered play. This Sohmim male masturbator doesn’t just bring enhanced sensation to the wearer. Though it’s quite compact at only 3.4 inches long, 2.5 of those inches are the vibrating arm. Its strong motor can have your partner feeling the vibrations during penetrative sex. If you wear the Feder “backward”, so the arm is running up the top of the penis you can stimulate your partner’s clitoris while still feeling the effects of the rings yourself. Share the enhanced pleasure and even achieve blended orgasms! 

The power and vibration buttons are on the underside of the arm. It’s not the easiest button to access when you’re in the middle of sex and want to change up the settings but not crazy difficult by any means. There isn’t anywhere else they could have been placed anyway. The Feder is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof. It’s super easy to clean but even better you can enjoy it in the shower or other wetter and wilder places! Its compact size also makes it very discreet to travel with. 


sohimi male masturbator, feder penis massager, cheap male sex toy

Put a Feder Ring On It   

If you’re looking for a fun way to heighten your pleasure and are ready to buy male sex toys, Sohimi male masturbators are a great place to start. They’ve been selling male sex toys online for years and have a really great variety of products to fulfill your pleasure preferences. Their prices are super affordable, and the quality is good so you don’t feel like you bought a cheap male sex toy. The Feder Penis Massager is a simple yet powerful toy. Its versatility means you can enjoy it alone or with a partner. Check out Sohimi’s website for more from their best male adult toy collection!



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