I’ve been masturbating for a long time. For almost my entire life, I never even told my closest friends I masturbated. Even though I’m sure we were all masturbating, no one ever admitted to it. Our guy friends could openly talk about how they jacked off, and there was no shame or stigma around it. But female masturbation, well, that felt inappropriate.

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex: All You Need to Know About Masturbation by Jenny Block changed my opinion on female masturbation considerably. So much so that I would intentionally take this book in public to read it, striking up conversation with strangers in coffee shops and on the train! I noticed the second I started being open about my own masturbation journey, other women began to open up about theirs. This sparked conversations of who liked clitoral stimulation, who preferred using toys, and what porn to watch. (Yes, women masturbate and we watch porn!)

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The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex: All You Need to Know About Masturbation is both an educational and emotional experience. The book begins by breaking down masturbation truths and myths, such as the myth that nice girls don’t masturbate. These myths are contrasted with the truths of female masturbation, like the fact that it’s actually healthy and beneficial to overall health to masturbate!

“To have these glorious female bodies, to be the only gender that has an organ created solely and completely for pleasure (I’m speaking of the clitoris, of course) – and then to ignore that? It’s not only a devastating crime, it is also just plain foolish.”

The next few chapters delve into the history of female masturbation: the shame, the stigma, and the punishments. A lot of this resonated with me in particular, having immigrant parents who would literally freak out if they found out that I masturbate. In these chapters, the stigma is put up against the science. You can’t argue with science, so it made the stigma and shame behind female sex seem so stupid.

There are many, many reasons women should masturbate. It’s really good for mental and physical health in a multitude of ways. You’ll create a deeper understanding with your own body, discover what pleasures you and what doesn’t, and increase your sex life outside of solo sex. Orgasms are good for you. Really good for you. And Jenny Block breaks down the scientific reasons why they’re so great.

My favorite chapter in the book is Chapter Four: First Forays into Solo Sex. It reveals dozens of women’s’ stories of the first time they masturbated. Some funny, some innocent, but all about self exploration. Do I remember the first time I masturbated? Absolutely. It was a real journey of self discovery, both sexually and emotionally. This book gives real truths to the various ways women discover sexual parts of our bodies. And at the end of the day, they’re all pretty similar!

This book is great book to keep at your bedside – because you just might need it when you’re going to masturbate! From the stories, to the questions and answers with the author, everything you’ve wanted to know about solo sex is covered. It’s written with such blunt honesty that you don’t feel shameful reading it. Author Jenny Block is so knowledgeable and comfortable discussing this topic, it erases all shame and stigma about female masturbation so the reader can enjoy the book and really feel at ease reading it.

Buy this book for yourself. For your sisters, your daughters, your friends – keep an extra copy for the uptight girl in your class. Just do yourself a favor and share this with the women in your lives. We deserve to masturbate. We deserve to feel free and open and comfortable in our own bodies. Most importantly, we deserve to use the parts of our bodies created to make us feel good! Jenny Block has given an encyclopedia of female solo sex, a true gift for all women.

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