Sex can be messy, but that doesn’t mean your sheets always have to get dirty during the act. What’s an easy way to keep them safe? I think we’ve found it! The Throws of Passion is a cute, waterproof blanket designed to protect surfaces from intimate oils, lubricants, and virtually all other liquids. I couldn’t wait to give mine a try – and was very pleased.

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First Impression

Opening up the blanket, I could tell it was high-quality and durable fleece. It’s very soft to the touch, but not plush, and at 60 inches x 80 inches, the blanket covers a large amount of space.

Its basic yet colorful appearance is just as nice! The blanket is reversible with one side an aqua blue and the other coral purple.

Comfortable Playscape

The Throws of Passion blanket completely covered my full-size bed, from right under the pillows and down. So, while it wouldn’t fully cover a larger bed, it would definitely protect the majority of it and other sizable spaces during intimate encounters.

In use, this blanket does exactly what it promises. It has an ideal level of thickness making it barely noticeable and feels good – smooth and soft – against the naked body.  It grips onto the bed, staying put during sex. There was no bunching up or sliding off, no matter how much movement my partner and I made. The most impressive part for me was how wonderfully the Stay-Dri Barrier worked. Lube that dripped onto the blanket didn’t seep through onto my sheets, or even the other side of the blanket. Plus, it was easily absorbed without creating a wet surface and easily wiped clean after finishing.

Cleaning & Care

The Throws of Passion is made of Polyester and a breeze to take care of! When it comes time to clean the blanket, simply wash and tumble dry using gentle cycles for both. It’s best to wash in cold water and dry with low heat, as to preserve its gorgeous, vibrant colors and in order to protect the material.   

Afterwards, this blanket can be folded and stored just like you would other covers. However, you’ll probably want to keep this one a little closer to the bed or couch for when the mood strikes.


The Throws of Passion is a handy addition to your pleasure chest AND linen closet, in general. This soft, comfy playscape does a great job of protecting sheets, couches, carpet, and other surfaces during intimate encounters – so you can have fun without worrying about a mess being left behind. It has a pretty, simple design and is easy to care for. Even more, it’s super discreet. No one would ever know what this cover is really used for just by looking at. After using it once, it’s sure to find a permanent place near your bed!

Get it at Organic Loven for $119.

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