The Squirt Watch created by none other than one and only, Marcus London, known for making woman squirt relentlessly. So why not share the knowledge? This watch has the potential to revolutionize your sex life. Or at least be a “party trick” as Marcus London likes to say. The Squirt Watch is to educate and train your partner to not only reach your g spot, but to show the correct speed and “G Force” of fingering to enable you to squirt.

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Instructional DVD

The Squirt Watch comes with a DVD “Time to Squirt” featuring the creator, Marcus London and his lovely assistant, Devon Lee. In the 20 minutes informational DVD, Marcus London demonstrates how the Squirt Watch works. London gives a description of what to look for while searching for the g spot, positioning of hands and movement of fingers. It literally takes London less than 5 seconds each time to make Devon Lee squirt… and squirt hard. It’s hard to remember that these two are in fact porn stars, so this is their job. Just because they can make it happen in a blink of an eye, don’t expect the same results. Devon Lee is also famous for squirting in almost all of her appearances – so also keep that in mind. She describes the feeling of squirting as feeling the need to pee. There’s a buildup and it’s just allowing your body to let it go.

Guiding Lights

Even though the watch has an intricate design to look like an actual wristwatch, it is fairly simple to use and even easier to read.

There are two areas that the Squirt Watch alerts the wearer of while fingering. The speed and the “G-force” (the force of the wearer’s motions while fingering). The set of lights run from red to yellow to green – sort of a cold to hot scale. Red light indicates that your speed and force are completely off, not even close. Yellow light indicates that you’re almost there; alerting the wearer that the speed and force need to be slightly adjusted to reach squirt potential. Maybe just one or both of those variables are off. Green light indicates that the wearer has reached the ideal rhythm, speed and force to allow the receiver to squirt. Blessed! The trick is to remain consistent and remain on green until “completion”.

How to Do It

The instructions note that “the best way to really reach the g-spot with your two fingers is to have the woman put her knees to her breasts. This opens up the pelvic region for easier access.” The creators “realized that many people were having a hard time correctly positioning their fingers on the g-spot. Also, you can work up to green on speed and yellow on force” to still have a squirting orgasm. “If necessary, go to green on force.”

The Experience

I LOVE the idea behind the watch, and in general it is easy to use, but it isn’t exactly foolproof. It simply comes with a wrist watch with a power button, guiding lights, and an informational video. There are no vibrators included. The force, speed, and squirting power of this product relies on the wearer than their skills acquired from the video, and being in tune with your body while vigorously fingering your g spot. But, as long as you and your partner are down to explore and take some direction, the product definitely works as intended.

I personally had a fun time using it with my partner and watching the lights escalate from red to green and waiting with baited breath for the inevitable squirt… that refused to cum. But with much practice and perseverance, alas, shots were fired.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use guiding lights
  • Adjustable band
  • Instructional DVD


  • Porn star demonstration doesn’t always match reality
  • May not work for everyone


Overall, I definitely think that the Squirt Watch is a fun party trick. It would be something fun to use to train your partner and your body to make it squirt. This product forces you to be patient and figure out the g-spot and the workings of the squirt with some guidance, but, at the end of the day, it’ll be up to the wearer to find the correct speed, force and consistency to spark your body to squirt. If you have a supporting partner and are willing to put in the time to explore, it could be the perfect product for you!

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