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This week’s question asks: Should I shave my pubic hair? What kind of pubic hair do guys like?

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Dear Sensible Slut,

Every time I ask someone about shaving down there, they all tell me it’s personal preference, and whatever is comfortable for me is what matters. Can you please just tell me how it really should be? Like, how do guys like it? Please & thanks. <3

Hair Down There

Dear Hair Down There,

According to the feminist, body-positive, “we all are naturally beautiful” philosophy that I believe in, your own body IS your own personal preference – whatever is comfortable for you IS what matters. Your body *should* be however YOU want it to be – not tailored for what men or society think it should be.

Cosmopolitan probably has some statistic out there somewhere that x percent of cis men like fully shaved vaginas, x percent like trimmed, and x percent fully grown. But I don’t care what Cosmo says, and I wouldn’t trust them with my vagina, anyway.

So, I took a poll of me and my three best friends – a much more reliable source, in my opinion.

  1. I shave everything because I hate the way body hair feels.
  2. One of my best friends shaves, but leaves a little triangle right at the bottom, or sometimes a “landing strip” down the center.
  3. Another trims the hair around her panty line, where a bikini would show, and trims the top of her “triangle” with a small scissor to make the hairs shorter.
  4. And the last friend lets her bush grow wild, natural, and free.

From our personal experiences, I can tell you a few facts:

  • All of us have fabulous sex lives.
  • No partner has ever complained about ANY of our vaginas.
  • We have ALL received compliments about our vaginas.
  • Most of the guys we’ve been with want MORE of our vaginas.
  • We all have, at one point or another, denied our vaginas to the potential partners that were so desperately craving and begging for access.

Bottom Line: Guys – or any potential partners – love vaginas in all shapes, forms, and lengths of pubic hair. They’re never going to turn it down. They’re going to love it no matter what, as long as it’s clean and they can put their penis in it – or engage with it however you and your partner pleases. Pubic hair is just the gift-wrap of the warm present inside.

That said, I’d hate to get wrapping paper stuck in my teeth while opening it. Keep it considerate, clean, and comfortable for you.

Love Your Lawn,
The Sensible Slut

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