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Vibrators open up a whole new world of ecstasy by giving us more control over our orgasms. You can easily choose which pleasure points to explore if you want to stimulate multiple erogenous zones at once, and what level of intensity you crave. Power is a turn on, and Tracy’s Dog Craybit is designed to deliver on every level! This rabbit vibrator features a curved bulbous shaft, a premium rabbit clitoral stimulator, and three exceptional motors throughout. The Craybit offers you all that you need to stimulate your favorite spots, reach orgasm, and much more! 

Cute, Deceptively Pleasurable Design

At first glance, the Craybit appears to be a standard rabbit vibrator. It’s a deep luscious purple, with an adorable bunny that vibrates against the clit and features a bit more detail than most other rabbit style vibrators. This chubby little bunny has a round body, well-defined ears, a nubbin nose, and even little arms, providing multiple styles of surfaces to rest upon your clit for unique sensations. Though the arms don’t contribute anything to the function of the toy, they are quite cute and add a little whimsy to the design. 

The plastic handle has a nice ergonomic curve, so it sits comfortably in your hand and is easy for you or a partner to maneuver. This is also where you’ll find the power button and vibration button. At the very bottom of the handle, you’ll see the charging port. The rest of the toy is made of premium body-safe silicone, giving it an incredibly smooth feel throughout the insertable and pleasure-focused parts of the toy. From the base to the tip, the Craybit is 9.5 inches long, with an insertable length of 4.5 inches. The thickest point at the tip has a circumference of 5.25 inches, giving it a lot of surface area to give you a full feeling, and a lot of space to target your g-spot. The shaft curves slightly upward to easily reach your G-spot and if you like even your cervix. You could even use this toy anally up to the rabbit, as the rabbit functions as a flare to the base. The tip of the toy is a bit bulbous, which helps to hit those internal erogenous zones and maximize pleasure.  



Triple Threat 

The Craybit is a prime example of why you simply can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Underneath this rabbit’s endearing exterior is a stunning amount of power. The Craybit has not one, not two, but three motors! There is one motor about midway up the shaft, one at the tip of the shaft, and of course one dedicated to the rabbit. Tracy’s Dog really guarantees you’ll have all the power you desire. Even when you first turn on the toy. you can feel the intense amount of power that comes from each of the three motors. 

The Craybit throws you in from the very first setting, with a powerful rumbly vibration even at it’s lowest intensity. There are a total of 15 different vibrating modes from there. The first three are static vibrations with all three motors working simultaneously. We start off at super strong, then jump to remarkably strong, and top off at astoundingly strong! The following 12 are patterns, some of which have all three motors pulsating in unison. Others have them working independently of each other, alternating between internal and clitoral motors, giving you a wide variety of sensations to play with. Some settings are pulsations (both long and quick varieties) while others take you on a cascade of pleasure gradually from lower to higher intensities. The toy comes with a helpful diagram illustrating all the different patterns it offers. Whether you like more consistent stimulation or enjoy being kept on your toes, there is a setting that will work for you. 



The Craybit is rechargeable with a USB cord. Which is great because I don’t think disposable batteries would be able to sustain the pure energy of this toy! To reach a full charge takes about 2 hours, giving you about an hour’s worth of play. You’ll know it’s ready when the LED light goes from flashing to steady. 

The Experience

Once you’ve got the Craybit fully charged, you can turn it on by holding down the power button. Both buttons will light up white to indicate that it’s on. Then you can explore all the different vibration modes by pressing the top button and finding one that feels great for you or your partner. You can use the toy how it was initially designed, inserting it to get both internal and external stimulation, or you can use it externally if you prefer. The shaft is wider at the tip where it’s inserted, so internally you’ll experience a more full feeling that targets the g-spot. You may need to get warmed up a bit beforehand and use a water-based lube to make inserting the toy easier. Once inserted, you can achieve clitoral and G-spot sensations simultaneously, and even A-spot stimulation through the vaginal-rectal wall. The shaft itself is a bit flexible so you can play with the movement. With all three motors targeting these pleasure points you’re sure to be blown away!

Of course, you can get even more creative with the positioning. You could lay it across your vulva to get clitoral and some perineum stimulation. You don’t have to only use the rabbit to target your clitoris either, you can always use the tip of the shaft for a different sensation anywhere on your body. The Craybit can also be used for anal play as the rabbit’s placement acts as a flared base.

Don’t feel like you’re limited to the bedroom or couch either! It’s 100% waterproof so can explore its power in the shower, bath, or other wet and wild scenarios. This also makes it very easy to clean. Be sure to use a water-based lube to compliment the silky smooth feeling and not degrade the material. 

With such strong motors, the Craybit can get a bit noisy. You might want to make sure you’re out of earshot of roommates before enjoying it. But it comes with a travel lock so won’t ever have to worry about it accidentally starting up in your bag and attracting some puzzled looks. To activate the lock, you can hold down the power button for three seconds.

My Verdict

If you haven’t gathered already Tracy’s Dog doesn’t hold back when it comes to power. The Craybit is a toy for folks that feel other vibrators don’t provide enough stimulation, or who just really enjoy intense play. If you are more experienced with gentler sensations, you may need to work your way up to the Craybit. The power of three motors brings you a wildly stimulating experience. Its targeted design is sure to take your breath away. Combining the curved shaft and a full bulbous tip will satisfy you in all the right places. If you’re in the market for a rabbit vibrator this one is definitely worth checking out!

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