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Our bodies come with endless possibilities for pleasure. Half the fun is exploring all the ways we can be turned on! When it comes to vibrators, many may take a one track approach, a simple bullet or longer toy that vibrates at different settings. Or, we only focus on one erogenous zone, like the clitoris or the G-spot. With unique preferences and needs for stimulation, you’ll want a toy that can keep up with you and hit all the right pleasure spots. The designers at Tracy’s Dog decided that “standard” wasn’t good enough. The Pecker vibrator is designed to be applied to multiple erogenous zones, and introduces a unique motion that I haven’t felt before!

Supple Design

Tracy’s Dog uses body safe hypoallergenic silicone that is so sleek and soft. The shaft of the Pecker is silky to the touch. It feels great in your hands, and runs smoothly over your skin. The base is made of ABS plastic, and is where you’ll find the two control buttons and the charging port. There is also a very handy finger loop! You or a partner can keep a comfortable grip and easily reach the control buttons during play. I love the elegant lavender color; it’s a cute change of pace from the usual hot pink. 

At 8 inches long and about 1.25 inches wide, the Pecker features a familiar curve to reach internal pleasure points, like the G-spot and cervix. What really helps is how incredibly flexible it is! You can bend the shaft all the way back or forward onto itself, at about 90° degrees. I was surprised by how pliable it is. This really gives you full range of motion to play with positioning. It also adds to the overall softness of the toy; there’s not a rigid thing about it aside from the handle!



Do not be fooled by it’s seemingly simple exterior. It’s what’s on the inside that truly counts! The Pecker has a dual motor system that is ready to deliver and maximize your pleasure. The first motor is in the middle of the shaft and powers the vibration function. From the very first setting, you can clearly feel this toy has serious power. The vibrations rumble throughout the entire shaft, though the strongest point is closest to the base. This one is definitely built for people who enjoy higher intensities. There are 3 different levels of strength to choose from, starting with a low deep rumble and only getting stronger from there! Like most vibrators you have a variety of patterns combining rumbles and varying speeds of pulses. This has a nice variety of 10 different settings to pick from.

Quietly resting at the tip of the Pecker is the true star of the show. Nestled in a soft squishy pad of silicone is a seemingly innocent little nub. This is where the devious second motor comes into play. When you activate the pulse function, the nub begins to move up and down in a rumbly pecking motion, hence its namesake. The squishy silicone pad creates a smooth and gentle “come hither” sensation. You can easily stimulate all of your internal and external erogenous zones with this feature! This little nub is no slouch either; it comes bearing 5 different patterns to fulfill your needs. The vibrating and the pulsing motors do work independently of each other but they absolutely can be used together! So you can experience the full power of the Pecker. In total there are 50 different combinations to explore, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that hits the spot!  

The Experience

At first glance, you would not expect the Pecker to be such a powerhouse. It has length, but it’s not bulky or girthy. Turn on the toy by holding down either the vibration or pulsation button. A white light will shine from the buttons to indicate it’s on, but you definitely won’t have to look to know it’s working. The rush of vibrations in your hands will speak for itself. To adjust the intensity or pattern, simply press the corresponding button till you find the setting that’s right for you. With great power also comes a bit of noise. The Pecker is not a whisper quiet toy, so if you live with curious ears, you might want to wait till everyone is out before enjoying it.

The flexibility really allows you to customize how you want to navigate your journey. You can explore all your pleasure points. The motion of the nub is similar to a gently pulsing finger. The pulsating nub can be used to stimulate the G-spot, the clitoris, the prostate, nipples, really wherever you like! The length of the toy also makes it great for reaching the cervix for that unique stimulation. Though it doesn’t have a flared base for grip or anal play, the finger loop provides a really secure grip for play, either solo or with a partner. Use a water based lube to enhance the experience for easy glide and play!

It is 100% waterproof so no need to limit your time together to the bedroom. This and the silicone material makes it super easy to clean. The Pecker is rechargeable with a USB cord. It takes about two hours to get fully charged and lasts for an hour. Plenty of time to explore!


My Verdict

This is a toy for folks that enjoy more intense sensation in an ergonomic package. Tracy’s Dog makes a point to create vibrators that are powerful, and the Pecker is no exception. If you are on the sensitive side, you may have to work up to this toy. Remember it’s not all brawn; the Pecker is a slyly versatile toy. You can also use the unique “come hither” motion for targeted g-spot or cervical sensation! If you like a variety of stimulation this will be the one toy that pushes all the right buttons.

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