The Twin Teazer Rabbit Ring is a must have for those who love clitoral stimulation. This small and powerful cock ring has two vibrating micro bullet that surround the clit for insane stimulation. Not to mention the cock ring has a ball ring, which prolongs ejaculation. It’s relatively inexpensive, and a great unique addition to any collection for both beginners and experienced sex toy users.

Note: This toy is no longer available. We recommend TENGA SVR Cock Ring instead.

Name: Twin Teazer Rabbit Ring
Type: Cock Ring
By: Fantasy C-Rings, Pipedream

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Waterproof, Double Rings, Dual Micro Bullets, Includes Toy Cleaner


This cock ring comes in a bright purple package clearly featuring the product on the front. It emphasizes the dual waterproof micro bullets, that focus specifically on intense clitoral stimulation. The back of the package also shows a diagram of how to wear the cock ring on a penis.

Shape & Design

The cock ring is relatively small (less than four inches) and made out of silicone. It is bright purple and has a cord connecting the remote to the cock ring itself. This can come in handy during certain positions where if one wants to switch up the vibrations, they can easily change them, where cock rings that have the button to change the settings directly on the ring can make it hard to reach. The one downfall is that you have to be careful with how long the cord is, you don’t want to pull too hard and yank your partner!

The Twin Teazer has two micro bullets that completely surround the clit for super focussed stimulation. It also has two stretchy rings, one to wrap around your partner’s shaft and the other around the top of his scrotum. The additional scrotum ring helps prevent your partner from ejaculating quickly, and sends some of the vibrations down to his balls for hands-free ball play in any position.

Vibrations & Power

The cock ring runs on two AA batteries, which are not included. The only unfortunate part about that is that the vibrator may die on you during an intense sex session without warning, which would be a huge bummer.

It comes with five vibration settings:

  1. Soft Steady
  2. Medium Steady
  3. Strong Steady
  4. Pulses
  5. Sets of Three Pulsing

The vibrations are definitely powerful, and super concentrated. This product is amazing if you like clitoral focussed stimulation.


This cock ring didn’t do it for me. I felt that the vibrations were too powerful and buzzy, and my clit was actually in a bit of pain on the highest setting. I’m super sensitive, so that is definitely more of a particular issue that I’m sure is not the case for everyone. The cock ring itself is made really well, and the bullets aligned perfectly with my anatomy. My partner was super comfortable wearing the rings around both his shaft and his balls, and he enjoyed his experience. Another personal preference for me is not liking the ring attached via wires. I find they get tangled, pulled, and inconvenient. I also really don’t like how it turns my partner into a “toy” – but if you’re into that this is perfect for you.


My issues with this toy are solely based on my own personal preference and my own sensitivity. This toy wasn’t my favorite because it was too powerful for me. However, this toy does exactly what it’s intended to do, and work wonderfully for someone else who prefers stronger vibrations. It’s a silicone, waterproof, powerful clitoral cock ring with both male and female stimulation. It would be a great addition to any bedroom!

This toy is no longer available. We recommend TENGA SVR Cock Ring instead.


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