Tyes By Tara is the kinky little sex kitten of bondage gear. These gorgeous, handmade intimate jewelry and body adornments can transition from day to night, the bedroom and beyond, to beautifully wear your fantasies with feminine flair and playfulness. Their unique line of designs perfectly combines erotic fantasy and with wearable versatility, for a collection that can be used for light bondage play or simply as a sensual accessory. They have a range of products, from collars to cuffs to clamps and everything in between – to be worn out in public or kept your sexy little secret behind closed doors. I instantly fell in love with all the designs the moment I saw them, and naturally wanted to share some of their delicate designs with you! Below, take a look at our Tyes by Tara haul!

Honey Legtyes

One of my absolute favorite pieces in Tyes by Tara’s collection is their adorable legtyes. This accessory was an instant must-have the first time I saw it, and I love that it can give a bold touch to any outfit. This piece can easily transition from fantasy to anytime you desire. I love the adorable bows in the front – and there are different variations that include bows on the front of the thigh, on the back, lace, and other chic designs. You can pair this with lingerie or wear it out over jeans or with shorts to make a sexy statement with whatever you’re wearing.

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Vanity Pastyes

For any of you babes that love burlesque and strip tease – Tyes by Tara’s Pastyes are for you! From simple black pasties to adornments with pearls, gold, glitter, and of course, bows! These pastyes sensual, sweet, and give you an instant boudour feel. You can totally wear them out to a festival or erotic event, or wear them under clothes or with lingerie. Whether you’re feeling yourself for a performance or simply for fun, they are instantly sensual and sexy.

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Secrets Niptyes

Under your pastyes or on their own – you can indulge your senses with the niptyes! They are simple, subtle, and are adjustable clamps that are very gentle, with smooth edges that don’t bite at all against the skin. They can be worn adorably on their own and with lingerie, or under outfits for a sexy little secret that will stimulate your erogenous zones all night. As you move and feel the fabrics of your clothes brush against the niptyes, you’ll be reminded of the sensation and the pleasure that awaits your play later!

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Highness Bodtyes

This beautiful harness is a versatile piece that can be strapped at home, under clothes, as part of a lingerie set, or out with a chic outfit. It’s simple, sleek, and soft to caress your body with a “suspender inspired” look. This is a piece you might be tempted to save for the bedroom – but I personally love to wear these out, whether it’s over a white form-fitting shirt or with a gorgeous statement bra. It’s also adjustable for your comfort and styling pleasure!

This harness is no longer available, but you can get the similar Hickey Bodtye here.
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Kinkette Niplace

This clamp and collar set is also perfect for the bedroom, or can be worn under clothes if you desire to bring your kinks into public! The beautiful, sparkly bow choker is absolutely adorable and can definitely be worn for a night out. The connecting ties that lead down to the clamps are subtle and sensual. Depending on your outfit, this look could be revealing or a subtle tease. The clamps are adjustable yet very gentle, with smooth edges that don’t bite at all against the skin. The sensual look and feel of this set is beautiful beyond words!

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Vixen Tye Cuffs

Finally, Tyes by Tara’s cuffs fully bring your kinks out to play! You can absolutely use these for light bondage play, or wear separately as a statement bracelet. The soft ribbons allow you to easily adjust into any position, and you can even wear them around your ankles for even more options! The material is made out of mesh and rhinestones. So, while gorgeous, you will want to avoid pulling hard on these delicate cuffs. Light play is best for this lovely little set! Read our full review here!

Get them at Tyes by Tara for $20 – and read our full review of the Vixen Cuffs here.
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Get this adorable collection!

I adore the Tyes by Tara collection. Delicate desires combined with light BDSM fantasies with a feminine flair – this set is beyond adorable! I’ve already worn some of my favorite pieces out and in the bedroom… and they’re some of my favorite pieces when I want to add a little girlish charm to my sensual accessories.

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