Handcuffs are the perfect way to bring light BDSM play into the bedroom, and why not do so in style? The Vixen Tyecuffs from Tyes By Tara, one of my absolute favorite intimate accessories brands, are gorgeously crafted, comfortable to use, versatile, and durable. Laced with glitzy rhinestones and soft, satin ribbon, these cuffs are something you’ll want to get all tied up in.

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Flirty Design

Feminine, sultry, and comfortable, these handcrafted cuffs will surely make you want to let your inner vixen out. Each cuff is made from a thick band of durable mesh material that is embellished with an organized series of rhinestones. Attached to each end is a long satin-y ribbon that is completely soft to the touch and more than enough to keep whoever is wearing them in place.

In Use

The Vixen Tyecuffs were everything I expected! Their thick bands easily wrapped around my wrists and the light material made them comfortable to wear for hours. It never felt like they were cutting into my skin – which I’ve experienced with some other cuffs – but rather a nice bracelet resting on my arm.

I was pleasantly surprised by their strength. The ribbons are sewn onto the end pieces of the cuffs and with such a lengthy amount, the ability to double (or even triple) knot them added extra security. Even after making individual bows and tying the cuffs together, there was still a decent amount of ribbon left over, but not so much that it got in the way during play. And though the Tyecuffs are marked as handcuffs, they work perfectly when used to bound the ankles.


If you’re looking for a great way to enhance sensual experiences or add a luxurious touch to your arsenal of bondage accessories, I’d definitely recommend the Vixen Tyecuffs! With a flirtatiously glam, durable design that can be used around the wrists or ankles, these cuffs are perfect for enjoying the titillation from gentle sensory deprivation.

The Vixen Tyecuffs come in the white featured in this post, but are also available in pink and black.

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