Unbound is back to give you the ultimate oral sex experience. Their Lip Service Kit combines unique oral enhancements (think, sensation mints and tasty bits) with an Oral Bible full of expert tips to ensure that oral sex will blow your mind, no matter the partner. Like their Ovaries Before Brovaries box (which I loved) and my ultimate favorite Feminist AF box – this box makes a statement. Oral sex should always be good (really, any sex should be good!) and Unbound wants to make sure you get there. With over $125 worth of goodies for as little as $58 (depending on your subscription size), this package is a total steal. This box is part of their quarterly subscription – and only available until the end of July – so hurry up and get on this awesome kit before it’s too late!

This box is no longer available, but you can still amazing products at Unbound here!

OMG The Womanizer!

The highlight of this box is the Womanizer Pro40 – a revolutionary vibrator that uses a suction-style motion to bring incredible sensation. This product alone is worth more than the entire box of products, so if the Womanizer has been on your wish list, get it here for the cheapest price we’ve seen – plus some extra goodies. Why is this vibrator in an oral sex package, you might ask? Well, the womanizer mimics the sensation of oral sex – so it’s a great toy to enjoy the sensations of oral solo… or integrate into your partnered play for even more fun. Curious about how the Womanizer works? Read our review of an earlier model here.

Oral Sex Goodies

Beyond the premium sex toy, I love the extras included in this oral-pleasure box. Unbound’s silky sash restraints give a nice kick of spice to an oral sex session – allowing you to tie down your partner (or get tied down) for endless teasing and sensation. The Oral Pleasure Mints by Bijoux Indiscrets bring a cool-as-ice sensation to your play, and are a unique twist to explore. Three trial sizes of delicious flavored oral glides are also included, as well as Masque’s sensual flavors strips. While oral is great even on it’s own, these unique twists are really fun to explore with your partner to bring something new to your play.

The Bible

Unbound also included their Oral Sex Bible – a his and her’s guide to guarantee you’re making the best use of your mouth. The tips included range from beginner’s-level basics to experimental favorites, giving you the low-down on how to do it right… and how to step it up a notch.


From the innovative Womanizer to all the oral sex goodies included… the Lip Service kit from Unbound is by far the best oral sex kit we’ve seen! Remember, this package is only available until the end of July – so hurry up and get on this awesome kit before it’s too late. We know you’ll love it as much as we do!

This box is no longer available, but you can still
get all these products at Unbound here!

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