Looking to create the perfect, unique at-home date night on a budget? If you’re anything like me, you’re addicted to subscription boxes. Whether they’re bookish or kinky, nerdy or romantic, there’s a box for you! Unbox Love totally brings it with their date kit! At an affordable rate of $39/month (the rate goes down the more months you subscribe to!) it’s perfect for adding a little fun to your night in!

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Me & the Box

I should preface this review by unboxing myself first. I ordered this subscription kit in while I was in the “just-becoming-long-term” stages of a relationship. While the box arrived on time, by then I had decided to move back to being single. Because of that, I had to wait a few months for a new partner to come around to “unbox love” with – and since the relationship is still new, there are a few products in this box I just admired rather than delved into with my new bae. This is definitely a box for couples who have been together for a while and already have said the “L” word. Despite this, I still had fun with my new guy, and if things work out, I’ll break out other items from the box as soon as it feels right!


First things first, the date kit came with notecards with information on the products provided and tips on how to incorporate them into the date. This was super helpful! In my box, I received:

  • A game called Tummple
  • Popcorn, containers, and wipes
  • Pandora’s Pops Aphrodisiac Lollipops
  • Cider packets
  • His & Her Thank You Pack
  • Recipe & Tips Card
  • Love Button Arousal Balm

Starting Date Night

The night is supposed to start off with partners reading “For His Eyes Only” and “For Her Eyes Only” cards. While my present partner is male, it would definitely be inclusive to have the option of same-sex date cards, too! The cards in this set had some silly, albeit stereotypical jokes about men and women that most hetero couples in a long term relationship will get a chuckle at, although they do play on tropes and are a bit outdated. The instructions in the Unbox Love box encourage you to use the jokes to tease your partner throughout the night.

did notice that the instruction cards didn’t provide info on the “sexy” items for this date – the lollipops and the arousal balm. While it’s always important to make sure your date night is sexy and fun, I think it’s thoughtful and important that they were optional add-ons. Not every couple has sex, of course, and some who do might choose to enjoy a night of just romantic fun rather than sexy time!

Snacks & Thanks!

Next up was snack time! With popcorn and gourmet cider, it definitely made for a yummy treat!  The wipes were great for clean-up and making sure nothing got too covered in butter from the popcorn. I’m not sure the aphrodisiac lollipops do anything, but they’re cute, and the idea that they might is enticing!

There were also adorable “thank you” cards for each partner to fill out, encouraging the couple to share what they are thankful for that their partner has done in the past and present and what they will do in the future. (This was definitely a Thanksgiving themed box!) Since my relationship is new, I felt a little weird bringing these out and chose not to, but they gave me a great idea of something sweet to do some day in the future.

If sharing what makes you thankful for the future makes things get a little hot (i.e. “I’m thankful for the great oral sex you’re going to give me tonight!”) that’s when the arousal balm comes in handy! It’s natural and edible, too, with a pepperminty smell and flavor. (Bonus, it also works as a headache reliever!)

Fun Game

Now for my favorite part of the date kit… The game! I’m a huge game nerd and so is my current boy toy! We met through friends, and we always get together for group game nights. This game was fun and something you can play with just your partner or a small group. Tummple is like Jenga, but backwards. Instead of trying to stop a tower from falling apart, you build a tower in a strategic way that creates the possibility of it falling over for those you’re playing against!

All in all, this date kit is super cute. It could be a little more inclusive for same-sex couples, but it really does get things right when it comes to different levels of familiarity in a relationship. Even someone like me, who does not have a serious partner, was able to enjoy it! And to my ex – sorry dude, you’re missing out! I had a romantic night of popcorn, Tummple, and chill with my new bae. 😉

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