What is The Used Panty Fetish?

Panty fetishes aren’t anything new. Most guys can admit to liking a cute pair of undies on an attractive woman, or maybe stealing a pair from their best friend’s sister as a kid. There are some people who take it a step further though, and actually enjoy using a woman’s used pair of panties to get off with. Sometimes it’s the appeal of the slightly taboo, and sometimes it’s biological (the scent women produce can be a great aphrodisiac for some men), but there’s really no denying that the used panty fetish is very real, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

You’ve probably heard about the fetish before in the form of those used panty vending machines that have been spotted in Japan. While the panties in those vending machines aren’t actually used (they’re manufactured to look used, much like jeans that come with pre-worn knees and ripped hems), when people found out about those machines, the used panty selling discussion opened up, and with it came the inevitable business opportunity for women to sell their used panties online for money. Think of Piper in Orange is The New Black and the worn panty side hustle she runs in prison.

Interested in trying it for yourself? With a few tips on setting up your online presence and advertising effectively, you could be well on your way to cushioning your bank account in no time.

1. Advertising Your Used Panties

The selling process works in a few different ways. With a few minutes of Google research, you’ll find loads of online forums, subreddits, and websites that will allow you to create ads to sell your merchandise online. That’s the easy part! The part that many girls find difficult is marketing themselves in a way that makes them stand out from every other girl on the internet, who’s also trying to sell her used panties.

If you’re uncomfortable with taking pictures of yourself in the items you’re selling and promoting yourself, you’re going to struggle in comparison to the girls online who do show buyers exactly what they’re getting. No, you never need to show your face or identify yourself in any way whatsoever. That being said, most of the buyers are male, and males are highly visual creatures. Part of the appeal is seeing the panties that they are purchasing being worn by an actual woman, so pictures not only heighten the buying experience, but also give guys more of a sense of ease about who they are buying from. Without a picture, they could easily be buying used underwear from a burly lumberjack guy and never know it, and while that may be some people’s thing, most men buying used panties prefer them to belong to a cute chick instead.

2. Adding “Extras”

Another aspect that you’ll have to take into consideration when marketing your panties is “extras”. While there are a lot of guys in the business that will gladly buy a run of the mill worn pair of panties, a lot of them have some super specific requests. Some of them are weird, some of them are gross, and some of them you won’t want to do, but all of them pay way more than standard used panty prices. While the list of “extras” you could offer is almost limitless, some popular requests from clients can be things like working out in the panties, masturbating in them, or wearing them for several days in a row to get a good “scent”.

Don’t be surprised if you receive requests for some seriously unusual stuff, like skid marks, peeing in the panties, or period blood stains. Yeah, it might sound pretty damn nasty to you. However, at the end of the day you’re providing an adult service to assist with the kinks of your customers, and we all know better than to kink-shame fellow kinksters. Roll with it, or politely decline any requests you just can’t bring yourself to accommodate.

3. Building a Client List

The more you engage in the used panty community, the easier transactions will become, and the bigger your customer base will be. Most of the men you’ll meet are actually genuinely nice guys who just have a fetish that you’re helping them with, and they tend to be very polite and professional when engaging with you. That being said, just like any business, you’re going to run across some creeps and jerks. It’s the nature of the beast, and you’ll build a tough skin and gain a keen eye for bullshit.

If someone keeps asking for “validation pics” without offering any kind of payment, they’re probably just pic collectors that won’t ever pay you. If they say they want 50 pairs of panties at $40 a piece, but they want you to describe to them what you’ve done in each pair in vivid detail before they pay you, they probably won’t ever pay you and just want you to talk dirty to them so they can get off for free.

Be smart. This is a business, and as a business woman, you will have to figure out what ultimately works best for you and your gig. Fulfill your end of the bargain each and every time, be polite and pleasant, and don’t take any crap. The real clients will appreciate your professionalism, and their word of mouth to other potential customers is where you’ll find the best and most reliable repeat business.

4. Getting Paid for Used Panties

There are loads of ways to get paid, so it will really depend on your personal preferences and the preferences of your buyers. A general rule of thumb is to ALWAYS obtain your payment up front, no matter what. Some of these guys can talk a mean game and promise you the world, only to get their hands on your merchandise and never actually send you one red cent.

Treat all of this like any other business transaction. Once a buyer has contacted you with their order, confirm what items they want and bring up the discussion of payment. The best methods are virtual Visa and Amazon gift cards that the customer can send to your email address, or you can use a service such as GiftRocket, if you prefer to get cash for your panties. Don’t use any service that could potentially give out any of your personal information, like PayPal, and be sure to use email addresses that don’t have your real name attached to them.

5. Delivering The Goods

Meeting in person to deliver your goods is a big fat NOPE. You’re still conducting transactions with strangers that you’ve met on the internet, so if they start pressuring you to meet in person and compromise your safety and anonymity, just block them and move on to other customers. There are way too many good, safe customers out there to waste your time and energy on the creeps.

The best way to deliver your items to your paying customers is to mail them, discreetly, to the address of their choice. Most veteran panty buyers have a P.O. box set up that they use for their purchases, so once you receive your payment, ask your customer for their preferred shipping address. Once you’ve received that, drop your panties into a padded envelope and ship them out (no return address, of course). A great business practice that will win the trust of your customers and ensure that you have repeat business is to give the customers tracking numbers for the package, so that they know where their purchases are at all times. If your customers know that you’re trustworthy and hold up your end of the deal consistently, your reputation in the used panty world will skyrocket.

It’s really as easy as that. Yeah, it’s a little weird at first, and it may take some time to condition yourself to be accepting of the weird little kinks that you’ll discover a great deal of people actually have. At the end of the day, though, having your utility bill paid just by not washing your laundry is a pretty fair trade, so you’ll probably get over any weirdness fairly quickly.