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Plenty of rabbit vibrators promise the “perfect blended orgasm” by simultaneously stimulating the g-spot and the clitoris. Sadly, they don’t always deliver. It’s not because blended orgasms aren’t a thing (they definitely are) but because the anatomy of our bodies can vary from person-to-person, and what works for one vulva might not work for another.

The location of the g-spot and clitoris can be different, and even just a few millimeters of distance can make a big difference in how the shape and position of a toy can target those pleasure hot-spots. Many of us have embarked on quests to find the perfect “Cinderella” fit: a vibe that comfortably stimulates the clitoris and g-spot while contouring to our body like a tailored glove. A lucky few may have found their Holy Grail of blended orgasms, but the rest of us have been waiting (not so patiently) for an answer to our pleasure prayers.

Six years ago, We-Vibe began designing a completely new kind of toy, one that would adjust to your unique shape, and stay in position once you found the right fit. The idea was to create a malleable form that would ensure constant contact with the g-spot and the clitoris, without any uncomfortable poking, prodding, or chafing. The end result was a groundbreaking reimagination of their popular Nova rabbit vibe, a cutting-edge design that promised to deliver the perfect blended orgasms to all body types. We-Vibe certainly had my attention before, but the second I held the Nova 2 in my hands, I knew they had changed the rabbit game for good.


Discreet Handheld Design

If you’re not familiar with the We-Vibe brand, you should know that they pride themselves on high-end materials, ergonomic designs, and top-notch tech. The- We-Vibe Nova 2 is a perfect example. An aesthetically gorgeous vibe that arrives in snug, sleek packaging, the Nova 2 blends smooth curves worthy of modern sculpture with outstanding functionality and power for a comfortable yet exhilarating experience.



When I took it out of the packaging, I was immediately struck by the effortlessly beautiful curves. The curves aren’t just for show though… the tip is gently tapered for easy insertion, and the bulbous nub on the g-spot is specifically designed for targeted g-spot orgasms. Another detail I quickly appreciated is that after the bulbous tip, the Nova 2 gradually thins out towards the bottom. If feeling full from a big toy isn’t your thing, you can comfortably insert this toy and use it to target the g-spot with the same come hither motion we know and love, but without feeling too stimulated at the vaginal opening.



Precise, Adjustable Positioning

The lovely design of the Nova 2 could stand on its own, but the truly revolutionary aspect of the Nova 2 is that you can easily mold it to your body. Personally, I find that a lot of rabbit vibrators are very… pokey against my clit. Or, if I do manage to find a comfortable angle to stimulate my clit, it’s at the expense of being able to stimulate my g-spot, as the curve of the toy isn’t quite as pronounced as I need. The Nova 2 solves this issue by making both the clitoral stimulator AND the g-spot stimulator independently adjustable.

The g-spot arm of the toy adjusts from almost completely straight, to nearly a 90-degree angle, so you can perfectly position the toy for your internal comfort and pleasure. Once adjusted, it actually stays in place, whether you want a slight curve or more intense angles. So if you’re wanting less g-spot stimulation, you can keep it nearly straight, but if you’re going for a very intense sensation, you can adjust it closer to a 90-degree angle. This adjustability also allows you to easily target the cervix, if that’s the sensation you’re craving.

The clitoral arm also has a nearly 180-degree range of motion. When not adjusted at all, the clitoral arm rests at about a 90-degree angle. You can push the clitoral nub against itself so the top of the clitoral arm will rest against your clit, or you can expand it out to 180-degrees (or even further) to rest the inner part of the clitoral arm against your body. If this is hard to picture, watch my IGTV review below:



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Rumbly Power & Dual-Motor Control

The Nova 2 comes with two vibrators, one in the clitoral head and the other in g-spot arm, for dual stimulation to both of your erogenous zones. When I turned it on, I could immediately feel strong vibrations in the clitoral arm. The vibrations are rumbly instead of buzzy, and as a big fan of rumbly vibrations (which are able to stimulate deeper into the body), I was pleasantly surprised to find this toy was so powerful. It’s not often that you get a clitoral vibrator on a rabbit that’s rumbly!

The inner g-spot vibrator was also rumbly, though didn’t feel quite as strong as the clitoral arm, but I was perfectly okay with that since I don’t need as much internal vibration as external sensation. But, if you’re craving a strong internal vibe, this might not have enough power for you.


we vibe nova 2 clitoral vibrator


Each motor can also be turned on independently, so if you’re only craving clitoral stimulation without internal vibration, you can make that happen. Or, if you want internal sensation without clit stimulation. The intensity of the motors can also be controlled independently.

You can further customize your experience with the Nova 2’s 13 power levels that range from a low, gentle rumble to a very intense rumbly vibration. It also has 10 different patterns including a quick pulsing pattern, a roller coaster escalation going from low to high vibration, and a pulsing pattern that alternates between the g-spot and the clitoral arm. You can cycle through patterns using arrows versus a single button, which is a fabulous feature because you can effortlessly go back to a setting you like without having to scroll through all the options again to find it.



The Experience

The Nova 2 strikes the perfect balance for pleasure, with its adjustable arms that can be easily positioned for your comfort and ease the enhance the exact sensations you’re craving. I loved alternating the g-spot arm from longer, 180-degree sensations, to intensely targeted g-spot sensation at a 90-degree angle. I love cervical and g-spot pleasure, so the versatility of this toy was a huge win for me. I also loved exploring different positions of the clitoral arm, and exploring how the sensation changed along different parts of the toy as they connected with my body.

My sweet spot of vibration was in the mid-to-high range settings, somewhere between 5 and 9. The lower vibration settings were a great teasing warm up, and the mid-to-high range definitely brought the sensation over the top. The highest setting is delightfully intense, and wonderful if you’re a power queen. It’s definitely a vibration to work up to! Those who prefer light and strong vibrations alike will find a setting that’s perfect for them with this toy.

Beyond its flexible design, the Nova 2 has all the features you would expect of a high-quality toy: it’s waterproof, USB rechargeable, and can be controlled from your smartphone. You can connect the Nova 2 to your smartphone via Bluetooth using We-Vibe’s We-Connect app, where you’ll be able to change the modes, adjust the intensity, and even hand off control to a partner with the app, even from across the world. It works reliably well and makes this an even more appealing option for long-distance couples looking to share an intimate experience.


Our Verdict

The Nova 2 is an outstanding, fully customizable toy that blows its competition out of the water with it’s clever, adjustable design. It has incredible innovation in both the quality of its ergonomic design, and it’s high-end features – and essentially feels like buying three or four different high-quality toys all in one. Each experience with the toy can feel completely different depending on how you shape it, and it was this endless variety that kept me coming back for more. From controlling it from across the world, to effortlessly finding the perfect adjustment of the arms, this toy is meant to keep you satisfied over and over again. You’ll definitely never get bored with this toy as you experiment with all the delightfully different angles, positions, and patterns it has to offer. Every penny spent on the Nova 2 is put to good use. It’s certainly worth the price tag!


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(Use the code SGP for 5% off your order until the end of August 2020)


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