What’s better than a sex toy? I’ll tell you – a sex toy that’s multifunctional and perfect for solo or shared use. We Vibe provides just that with their Tango Pleasure Mates Collection, which features their incredibly powerful We Vibe Tango, plus two attachments designed for g-spot and anal pleasure. The Tango vibrator and the Glow and Dusk attachments can be bought as a kit, or separately. With a miniature vibrator built to focus on your clitoris and two silicone sleeves – one to target your G-spot and the other for anal stimulation – there’s not a lot of people who couldn’t get pleasure out of these toys. With powerful vibrations perfect for experienced users and soft, malleable forms ideal for beginners, We-Vibe has provided something for everyone.

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Name: Tango Pleasure Mate Collection
Type: Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator, Clitoral, G-Spot, Anal Toys, Plugs
By: We Vibe

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 1 Bee

Materials: Plastic, Matte Silicone
Special Features: Multi-Speed, Multi-Function, Quiet, Beginners, Rechargeable, Curved, High Quality

The Tango

The Tango vibrator, included in this kit but also available separately, is the first and most essential part of this toy. The slim, white vibrator is about the size and width of a finger, and though this part of the toy is meant for external stimulation (or as an insert for the Glow and Dusk Pleasure Mates) it could definitely be used for internal play as well. Smooth and non-porous, it’s easy to clean and feels great on my body. The tip is slanted with a point, meant to pinpoint your clit or provide broader stimulation. This toy has consistently ranked at one of our best-rated and most-favorited toys, so it’s a complete winner on its own – and even better in combination with the Pleasure Mates kit!

The base of the Tango is where the controls are. There, you’ll find two metal points that are attached to the charger. When the vibrator is running low on battery, a flashing light at the base alerts you. A lot of toys I have don’t have any sort of notification when it comes to a dying battery, which can be a literal buzzkill at times, so I really appreciated this feature – along with all of the other cool bonuses this combo pack comes with. (A charger that can be used with any USB port, a tote bag, a one-year warranty, and an extremely thorough guide that has got to be my absolute favorite toy guide ever. It’s full of information one very aspect of the toy, from cleaning to use, and made playtime as well as writing this review so much easier.)

The vibrations are perfect, with mid-level ones great for beginners and those who don’t require power to stronger ones that I absolutely fell in love with. The vibration modes are:

  1. A low, steady vibration
  2. A mid-level vibration
  3. A stronger mid-level vibration
  4. A strong steady vibration
  5. Strong pulses followed by low pulses
  6. Wave
  7. Pulse
  8. Strong pulses and low pulses in faster succession

Bonus: All of the vibration modes are pretty quiet!

The Glow Attachment

The first attachable sleeve is Glow, meant for G-spot stimulation. It’s slim, but the broad, angled head is perfect for really hitting your pleasure zone. Glow can be used on its own, though inserting the Tango vibrator into its base is what it’s designed for. While the combination of powerful vibrations and the smooth, broad, relatively flexible head felt great, I prefer a little more girth when it comes to vaginal toys. However, for someone new to g-spot stimulation or prefers something on the slimmer to medium end, this would be perfect.

Though I have a definite bias in this situation, the Glow sleeve wasn’t a total bust. I love using the vibrator solo on my clit, but inserting it into the hot pink, soft, silicone sleeve made things better. I like a wider stimulation with a clitoral vibrator and was able to get just that with the use of the Glow. Even inserted into the sleeve, the vibrator still packs just as powerful a punch. The vibrations travel throughout the entirety of the silicone material and feel as strong as they do when just using the vibe itself.

The Dusk Attachment

Confession time: I’m an anal newbie. I’ve been curious about anal stimulation, but unable to find a toy that seemed manageable to me as a first time user. The Dusk attachment was exactly what I was looking for. Relatively small in size, the dark gray silicone material is smooth, flexible, and easy for an anal beginner like me to use. If you want some vibrating stimulation in your back door, the Tango fits snugly in a tube at the base. Again, the intensity remained just as powerful while using the attachment.

What’s so fabulous about this toy is it’s ideal for multifunctional or couple’s use. One partner can enjoy anal stimulation while the other enjoys vaginal and/or clitoral, or some other combination of the three. As a solo user, I like using Dusk without the vibrator attachment either as a manageable, beginner’s butt plug or in combination with Glow internally or externally on my vag/clit.

Again, the guide proves invaluable with these toys. As a first time anal adventurer, if I’d had any questions, I definitely would have reverted to it. There’s awesome advice on cleaning the toys and on lubing them up. Like most silicone toys, I found the Pleasure Mate set to be very easy to clean.

Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for beginners and more experienced users
  • Strong vibrations both “naked” and with the attachments
  • Multifunctional
  • Great for use with a partner or solo
  • Rechargeable
  • Charge indicator


  • None!


I’m obsessed with the WeVibe Pleasure Mate Collection. I can’t stop raving about it and can’t think of a single friend I wouldn’t recommend it to. With so many options for stimulation, it’s enough to make me come… and keep me coming back for more! This is definitely, hands-down, an A+++ toy not only in my personal collection but out of all the toys ever reviewed on site.

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Peepshow Toys for $120.
You can get just the Dusk sleeve for $49.

Check out our review of the Tango separately here.


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