Drinking games are the perfect party icebreaker, whether you want to get it started or keep it going. So when I received Who is the Biggest Pervert? I was ready to get drunk and have some fun!

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The Rules

The game comes with 107 game cards and 1 rule card. The game is really easy (so no worries if you’ve already been drinking) and the amount of players is flexible. You can have 2 to 100+ players, and they can come and go as they please. To play, the deck of cards is shuffled and placed on a table or counter, wherever you can put it. Everyone takes turns picking a card and reading it out to the other players. The cards have naughty “perverse” acts on them, and if you have done the act, you take a drink! If no one has done the act, the card chooser takes a drink. The game continues until someone finishes their drink. This person is the biggest pervert!

Find the Pervert

I was excited to bring this game to my friend’s party because I knew we would have a good laugh. This isn’t a game for people who don’t want to get personal. These questions are blunt and dirty, so get ready to spill your secrets. I got to know many of my friends, and some people I had never met before, a lot better after that game. It was easy for everyone to mingle and play at the same time. No one felt like if they walked away they would ruin the game, or couldn’t join when they came back. It was a really fun, entertaining time!

I’ll be bringing Who is the Biggest Pervert? to every party from now on. It is the perfect drinking game for any occasion, and a guaranteed to get you drunk and laughing in no time.

Get it at Spencer’s for $8.

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