April 24th is National Lingerie Day! Even if your partner prefers to have you naked instead of wearing lingerie, mix it up on this day to celebrate National Lingerie Day!

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Lingerie is sexy and seductive, but unfortunately, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I have heard many women and men alike make comments such as, “Lingerie is too expensive,” “Lingerie is Pointless” and my personal favorite, “Why buy lingerie just to take it off two minutes later?” Lingerie is not pointless. It isn’t too expensive, because you can use it time and time again. Finally, I’ll play devil’s advocate and say, “Why NOT buy lingerie just to take it off two minutes later?” There are many reasons why you should celebrate National Lingerie Day on April 24th, especially for the simple fact that having lingerie will make you want to celebrate lingerie more than just one day a year.

Banish Body Hate

If you have parts of your body that you aren’t as comfortable as you wish you were about, then lingerie can help you. If you like to have sex in the dark because you don’t like certain aspects of your body as much as others, let lingerie save you. If you don’t like your stomach for any reason, then invest in a corset that holds your belly in tight while enhancing your breast features. If you don’t like parts of your legs for whatever reason pick up some thigh high stockings that cover them but also make them look exquisite! Getting the right pieces of lingerie for your body will make you appreciate your best features and banish any body hate you have for the other parts! Dress up, get sexy, and leave the lights on this April 24th!

Mood Booster

Wearing lingerie is sure to boost your mood! When you see yourself and how hot you look in your new bedroom attire, you’re going to be in a great mood. That will make the evening activities even hotter! You’ll feel sexier in your skin in your new lingerie. Your partner is sure to drop to their knees at the sight of you, which will make you that much more confident in your own body and in your mood. Let lingerie boost your mood and your confidence on April 24th and every day after that!

It’s an Investment

When I hear someone say, “Why should I wear lingerie for two minutes just to take it off?” it makes me cringe. They are truly missing out an outstanding experience over a small assumption. Lingerie is not a waste of money or pointless; lingerie is an investment. It is an article of clothing that you can wear time and time again for your partner. As your lingerie collection expands you can piece together new lingerie by using a piece from multiple sets, making a whole new look that you and your partner are both sure to love. You can also wear your lingerie under your clothes on date night to make you feel sexier and tease your partner until it’s time to go back home. Then, take your outer layer of clothing off showing what you’ve been hiding all evening.

Celebrate National Lingerie Day and buy your first piece of lingerie, or expand your collection by investing in some new lingerie that your partner has never seen you in. Let lingerie banish your body hate and boost your mood. You’re sure to remember this April 24th and look forward to celebrating the holiday again several times before next year.

Stay sexy!


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