With style and fun at the heart of Ginch Gonch, this brand offers a vast line of undergarments for men and women to choose from. And while they’ve stuck with the traditional designs of underwear, thongs, sports bras and long johns, the same can’t be said about the prints their products showcase. Their Wild Bulls Brief is no exception! I instantly liked the stripe and bull print all over this pair of undies, and its stretchy, soft feel creates a high level of comfort.

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Material & Fit

The thin material of the Wild Bulls Brief makes it breathable and streamlined. Even more, Ginch Gonch uses a high quality 4-way fabric, meaning this brief can be stretched in each direction. This makes for a very comfortable fit!

My new undies clung to my skin in such a smooth and movement-friendly way, which I absolutely love. They felt neither tight nor loose, just perfect lying over my nether regions. And as an added bonus, they were even comfortable wearing under tight jeans, which is an issue I’ve had finding with other non-thong panties.

Playful Design

Shaped like classic low-rise briefs, this undie has a black waistband with ‘Ginch Gonch’ and stars written in the brand’s signature font. In keeping with the tradition of men’s briefs, it has a fly in the front, something much more practical for guys, but that is still a fun aspect of the design.

The red, black and white color scheme of this brief is bold and statement-making, just like the bull. It has alternating horizontal red and white stripes marked with black bulls in various poses. Ginch Gonch was smart to completely stich the tag to the inside of this panty, as it eliminates the pesky itch loose ones can cause.

Cleaning & Care

You can machine wash these undies in cold water and tumble dry them on low. However, I’d recommend opting to handwash them, because as is the case with many other undergarments, their colors are likely to fade after only a few machine washes. Handwashing should help preserve the colors a little longer.  


The Wild Bulls Brief is a fun undie that will have you wanting to go pantsless. With an all over bold stripe and bucking bull print, it’s sure to grab more than just your attention. But its unique design isn’t all. This brief offers great movability, making it comfortable to wear whether working out or just hanging out, and has a smooth, true-to-size fit. And like many of Ginch Gonch’s undies, there’s a matching sports bra to complete the look.

Get it at Ginch Gonch for $20.

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