Amy Jo Goddard, the author of  Woman on Fire, has spent the majority of her life dedicated to helping women who think they are “broken” find themselves and teach them that they are “not broken!’. She has also worked throughout her life to reduce the stigma that comes with being someone who enjoys sex and someone who has a sexual energy. In her latest book, she dives into helping women around the world find their sexual power through what she describes as “9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power, and Sexual Intelligence”.

This book is meant for everyone, whether you are in your twenties and looking to embrace your sexuality/inner sexual goddess or if your a divorcee looking to relight that flame inside of yourself for the next step in your life. It doesn’t matter if you are straight, bisexual, lesbian, or sexually fluid. The entire book is meant to help the reader find herself, whether she does it by herself, with a partner, or with a group of like minded individuals.

The 9 Elements

Goddard has spent over twenty years as a sex educator, and through her work, has come up with “9 different elements to wake up your erotic energy, personal power, and sexual intelligence.” She wants us to realize that our own internal sexual energy is the source of our creativity. To lead us to this change she gives us 9 different elements make up the majority of the chapters of her book and early in the book she will tell you that it doesn’t matter what order you read the book in, front to back, back to front, skip around, the results will be the same. These nine elements are:

  • Voice: Excavate and Rewrite Your Sexual Story
  • Release: Make Space for the Sexual Self You’ve Been Waiting For
  • Emotion: Show Up as Emotionally Powerful
  • Body: Know and Radically Accept Your Body
  • Desire: Activate Desire and Create a Sexual Practice
  • Permission: Give Yourself Permission to Be Erotically Authentic
  • Play: Develop Sexual Skills and Remember How to Play
  • Home: Build Sexual Confidence and Come Home to You
  • Fire: Use your Dynamic Sexual Energy to Live Vibrantly

Together these nine elements are meant to help the reader embrace what is already inside of them. As you read the book you are supposed to work on the work book as well, which you can download on her website separately. I managed to finish the book first and then do the workbook pages, but how you do it is completely up to each reader. All Goddard really wants is for each reader or group of readers to join her “tribe” of Woman on Fire and for you to use each chapter as a sort of key to unlock a sexual awakening which can be hidden by silence or shame. The biggest part of the book is that she uses actual experiences from the women that she’s helped over the years throughout her book to guide us through our own “transformation.”


I was impressed with how Goddard presented the book. I expected it to be just like any other self help book, full of filler and inflated information, but I was happily surprised at how well thought out and in-depth the book actually was. My favorite part is that she knows that some people will disregard what she says as “holistic crap,” but she doesn’t care AND she doesn’t care who you were in the past, as long as you identify as a female, she wants to help you. The personal experiences she uses in her book were the part that captured my attention in the long run because we can all relate to the women in the book in some way or another. Amy Jo Goddard excels at being there for women she’s never even met or associated with and I can consider myself someone who has converted to her way of life.

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