To this day, the original Womanizer vibrator remains my favorite toy to date. With its unique suction and indirect vibrations, it soon became a toy I found myself reaching for again and again. So when I heard there was a newer version of my favorite vibe, the Womanizer Pro, I was ecstatic to try it out and see how it compared. While it was definitely a great vibrator with several updated features, I found that I just didn’t love it quite as much as I loved the original. It’s still great – but I’d recommend checking out the features of each to see which one would likely be the better choice for you!

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Name: Womanizer Pro
Type: Clitoral Vibrator, Oral Sex Simulator, Vibrator
By: Womanizer

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 5 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees

Materials: Plastic, Silicone
Special Features: Multi-speed, Rechargeable, Suction, USB



Additional Settings for Added Variety

Like the Womanizer before it, the Womanizer Pro works through a spectacular combination of suction and light, indirect vibration. This combination of sensations provides a unique sensation unlike any other toy. It’s hard to describe what exactly the Womanizer line of products feels like, but I often liken it to being more of an oral sex simulator than a vibrator.



The Womanizer Pro has two new levels of intensity, for a total of eight levels. One level is less powerful than previously, offering an even lighter sensation. Because this toy has very direct clitoral stimulation, a lighter level would be a great option for anyone who finds the Womanizer to be uncomfortable to use for prolonged periods of time. (Though it’s important to note the Womanizer Pro’s manual advises against using the toy for more than 15 minutes at a time.) Also new to the Womanizer Pro is one more powerful level … so powerful that it’s a little bit terrifying actually. I found the top settings of the original model to be too much for me so braving this new, stronger intensity was daunting. Because of this, if you’re someone who craves direct clitoral stimulation or finds many other toys too weak, I feel confident that the Womanizer Pro would have you covered!



Size Matters

There are two areas in which the size of the Womanizer Pro differs from the Womanizer, the additional silicone head and the redesigned body of the toy:

Once again, the Womanizer Pro comes with removable two silicone heads. Unlike the previous version, the Pro’s second head is larger and designed with larger clitorises in mind. I was really happy to see this improvement – while I had no issues with the standard silicone head, I had been concerned about its lack of versatility for differing anatomies and I’m glad to see this concern tackled.



On the other hand, I wasn’t as impressed with the redesign of the toy’s body. Visually, it looks a lot sleeker (and less like an ear thermometer!) and it fits more comfortably in the palm of my hand. However, its shorter and wider shape also meant that it didn’t fit as comfortably between my legs during use. The wider shape meant it didn’t fit as nicely against the clit for me and the shorter ‘handle’ meant it had to be carefully held in place at all times and it was difficult to maintain a proper seal for the suction; the lack of seal also made this toy a lot louder than the previous Womanizer. (In all fairness though, other reviews I’ve read claim the Pro is actually quieter.)


The new Womanizer Pro is below the original.


Improved Controls

I also had mixed feelings about the redesigned controls of the Womanizer Pro. I loved how easy it was to increase or decrease the intensity one level at a time (previously, the only way to decrease was to retreat to the lowest level). With separate buttons to adjust the speed and their new location on the outside of the body, ease of use is definitely improved – no more accidentally changing the Womanizer at a critical moment! I absolutely HATED the new gemstone button though. The button on the Pro is a pointy gemstone, rather than flat, and is difficult to press to start up the toy’s motor. This difficulty makes it impossible to accidentally bump, but its pointy shape meant that it hurt my finger each time that I pressed it and left an indent in the pad of my finger. It may be a small feature to complain about but it was intensely annoying every time I used the Womanizer Pro.



Keeping it Clean

The Womanizer Pro is not waterproof, so the best way to clean it is to remove the silicone head and wash thoroughly and to wipe the body of the toy with a damp cloth or a toy cleaning wipe. While it is possible to use lube with the Womanizer Pro, you should only use a water-based lubricant and avoid one with added fragrance or flavor. It’s important to use as small amount of lube as is comfortable because additional lube cannot be easily washed from the toy while cleaning since it is not waterproof.



Pros & Cons


  • Unique and powerful suction sensation
  • More intensities that the original Womanizer
  • Comes with a second head to suit larger anatomy
  • Allows the user to “zero in” on the clit


  • STILL has a problematic name
  • Button is pointy and hard to press, hurts user’s finger
  • Newly designed shape is awkward to use properly
  • Expensive




I liked the Womanizer Pro, but found it’s new shape to be less comfortable to use than the original. I loved the two new levels of vibration and suction intensity though, and the fact that the second head is now larger is fantastic. If you don’t already have a Womanizer original, need the option of a larger silicone head, or crave the added power of additional settings, I would recommend this toy as its unique sensations can’t be matched! However, if you already own the original Womanizer, the high price of this toy means that an upgrade to the Womanizer Pro isn’t really worth it.



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