Kissing has long been one of the most sensuous acts, something that allows us to express attraction and passion on every level. And with the help of Sensuva, one of my most favorite brands, we can intensify any kiss, making it unforgettable for both partners.

X On The Lips is a balm that instantly transforms your lips into an enticing playground of pleasure. Shortly after being applied, it creates a buzzing sensation that is meant to be shared and enjoyed. Each balm is made of only natural ingredients, making it free of any parabens and safe for everyday use. Sensuva even went a step further to include a cute kissing guide detailing well over twenty different types of kisses and the health benefits engaging in this act often can have.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Sensuva’s Natural Arousal Oil instead.

Electrifying Ingredients

Natural ingredients, oils and flavors make up this sexy balm. One of its star players is Beeswax, which works to condition the lips and lock in moisture while protecting them from harmful external factors. It also gives X On The Lips its pale-honeyed color. The only other ingredients come from an oil blend unique to Sensuva, containing Sweet Almond Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract Oil, and Pheromones. Together they add to the nourishing qualities and botanical aroma of this balm. Though it is important to note that while X is free of menthol and parabens, some ingredients, like Cinnamon Oil, have been known to cause allergic reactions.

One of the most interesting things about this product is the use of gender-neutral pheromones. It can be worn by either sex, and reflects such an inclusive approach to couples’ pleasure, as it’s not limited in who it attracts.


X On The Lips comes in a small, twist tube and is applied like most lip balms. After about a minute, I began to feel a buzzing sensation that teetered on burning, so it may not be for everyone. While the mini vibrations throughout my lips were pretty strong, the scent and taste of the Original flavor were mildly perfect… Enough to notice, but not overwhelming. It definitely added a WOW factor to my make out session! And left my lips feeling soft and supple hours after.


At first glance, X On The Lips may look like any ol’ lip balm, but looks can be deceiving. This balm is the perfect thing to put on before locking lips, and with natural ingredients, it’s safe enough to use during oral sex and for everyday use. The buzzing vibes it sends throughout the lips will be sure to have a titillating effect on both you and your lucky lover for the night. I’d definitely recommend giving it a try, and if you want something with a little more flavor, Sensuva also offers it in Bubble Gum, Cherry and Strawberry.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Sensuva’s Natural Arousal Oil instead.


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