Mainstream media would have you believe that lingerie is a woman’s world. Women dressed in lace and satin delicates is the norm. But, why should men miss out on all the fun? Why is it that men only get boring and drab black, grey, or white undergarments… that hide their assets away with thick fabrics? Let go of old notions that lingerie is only meant for the “fairer” sex. There’s a huge draw for men to indulge themselves in the under-things that before recently, only women have had the pleasure to enjoy. Anyone can enjoy the lovely, luxurious feel of lingerie! Personally, we think it’s pretty hot to see our ripped & cut guys rocking little sexy things… and embracing their feminine edge with some stylish men’s lingerie, from XDress.

About XDress

XDress is the premier online shop exclusively for men’s lingerie. Since 1988, XDress has been producing fashionable and fiercely sexy men’s undergarments, from all types of stylish panties to a variety of lingerie styles and beyond – even offering Cosplay and accessories. Their tanga, lace, silk, and satin panties are especially sexy, giving a feminine flair to your man’s best assets and showing them off almost exactly as nature intended – but a bit more luxuriously dressed. Their lingerie selection includes bodysuits, camisoles, bras, garters, and other lingerie – all of which is high-end and designed to fit a man’s body type. Their variety is gorgeously manufacturers and designed, and is delivered discreetly right to your door.

Quality Promise

We had the chance to check out five different items from XDress – panties, garter tights, and three different body suits. Although they weren’t our top product or color preferences, each lived up to XDress’s high-quality and comfortable promise. They were each well-designed, and all the of the materials felt like they were very high quality. They were also a proper fit for a guy’s body – just make sure to accurately measure your guy to the size chart on site, as the European sizes run a bit smaller than American sizes. Overall, we would definitely go back to Xdress to buy some lingerie that’s more our style!

The Perfect Lace Brief

This lovely little panty is a total classic, fitted for the male form. It is made of a soft, delicate lace throughout and fits like a ladies’ cheeky brief. The extra room was comfortable for my man, and the design was ultra-sexy. If you’re looking to start with a good staple piece for your man’s new lingerie collection, this is  the place to start!

Garter Tights

This piece is the most unexpected item we received. The Garter Tights set is the accessory meant to complete any lingerie look – though in my opinion, also the most surprising to see a guy wear. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that they actually worked well! They were sheer, precious, and added a new element of loveliness to make separate pieces of lingerie flow together as an outfit. While they might not be everyone’s style, they were a welcome addition to our package!

Lace Body Suit

This gorgeous lace bodysuit is the ultimate statement piece. It features soft lace throughout, with black ruffled edging, for a really pretty, feminine look. Yet, my favorite part about this piece is that since it’s so sheer, you can still see all the details of your man’s bod. Whether you love his pecs, his abs, or his back – you can see it all while running your fingers along delicate lace. This is definitely the piece of lingerie designed for the man who’s comfortable with his masculinity!

Smooth Satin Button Bodysuit

This silky smooth satin bodysuit feels as if it’s made of velvet. It is incredibly soft to the touch and begs to have your hands run across its super soft surface. Our favorite thing about this bodysuit, though, is the three delicate buttons at the bottom, allowing the lower part to open up effortlessly, while still keeping the rest of the suit on. It’s the perfect way to enjoy lingerie without ever having to take it off!

Soft All In One Bodysuit

This soft bodysuit is made for the guy who likes to stay covered. It adds some mystery to the experience, and is made to fit a muscular guy’s pecs and abs. The cheeky cut is great for getting that hot V shape out in the open, and the extra room in the front is perfect for the well-endowed man. While this particular color and style doesn’t scream “sexy”, it’s a nice piece to lounge around in comfortably.


Guys’ lingerie is the up-and-coming fashion statement for the bedroom. It’s sleek, smooth, and surprisingly sexy – allowing the guy in your life to get a taste of refined luxury, in styles specifically designed for him. If you and your partner are on the adventurous side, or simply love the look of a silky special something on either of you – give it a try!

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