Developing a strong and healthy relationship with your significant other can sometimes feel like an impossible task. No matter how hard you work on your mutual happiness, there is always something that goes wrong and puts a space between you two. So what are some of the essential skills that you need to develop if you want to fulfill your relationship goals and have a successful and happy relationship?

1. An Honest and Trusting Relationship

Having the skill and experience of someone who has been through a couple of relationships already is essential if you want to build something strong and stable with your significant other. Giving each other space and time to think when you are not together is an important part of having a healthy relationship. Suffocating your boyfriend or girlfriend and not giving them enough space for them can quickly turn your relationship sour.

2. Communication & Confrontation

Being able to tell your significant other anything that’s on your mind might take some time. Dumping too much information on them early in your relationship might scare them off. People like to have a communicative partner but also one that knows their limits. Work on your confrontation skills with friends or siblings, before jumping into a relationship expecting that the other person will be the one pulling you forward.

3. Thinking Like a “We”

The hardest part of adjusting to a new relationship is the fact that you are not an “I” anymore. People tend to break up with their boyfriends and girlfriends for the simple reason that the other person wants something more out of their relationship. And while having a symbiotic relationship might not be as healthy as some claim it to be, giving your significant other some acceptance and love like a “we” is a good skill to have.

4. Sexual Experience and Compatibility 

Let’s face it – people are sexually attracted to others around them. It’s one of the most common reasons for hooking up with someone in the first place. This means that partners are usually looking for people with developed and explored sexual skills, those that can please them in return. While you may not want to sleep with just anyone you meet, giving yourself some freedom to explore your sexuality before committing to a stable relationship is a good idea.

5. Negotiation Skills

You won’t always have the upper hand in your relationship. Your partner will sometimes want to do something you don’t like, or vice versa. It’s important to properly communicate those desires to your significant other without shouting or shutting them out until they give in – this is not how a proper relationship works. Negotiation skills are something of a commodity in today’s dating world and having the ability to convince your relationship that something is worth or not worth doing is an excellent skill to have.

6. Emotional Control

Expressing your emotions in a calm and warm way towards your significant other can make your relationship last for years. People love it when others confide in them with their feelings and world-views, often leading to a mutual understanding and openness.

That is to say, when the emotional control doesn’t exist, things can get ugly …pretty fast. Just imagine if your boyfriend or girlfriend started shouting or shivering and mumbling every once in a while because they are stressed out with your alleged behavior – how would you feel?

7. Knowing When to Give In

Having an abusive relationship is something no one should tolerate. Being in a strict and restrictive relationship with someone who claims they love you but treat you like a stranger is something you should definitely avoid. On the other side, knowing when to give in to your significant other is also important. You might be reluctant at first to accept any offers of staying the night or going on a road trip but if you have been together for a while, go for it! Knowing when to let go of your safeties and give in to your successful relationship is an essential skill to have.

8. Budgeting Your Income

If you are in a serious relationship, and not looking to be with a Sugar Daddy or Mommy, you will need to start thinking about your income. Organizing whatever income you have available, and taking your relationship into account, can be painful at first.

Whether you like it or not, you may have to give up some of the things you enjoy just to have enough money for dates and presents. While it may seem like a drag at first, loving the person you are with will make it all worth it in the end.

9. Managing Yourself

Taking care of your physical appearance doesn’t stop once you are in a relationship. Letting yourself go as soon as you start dating someone will send the wrong message to your significant other. Make sure that you do everything you can to be your very best when it comes to appearances. After all, your relationship started based on mutual admiration for physical appearance before you actually started talking.

10. Talking Without Fighting

The secret to a strong and long-lasting relationship isn’t money or parent’s approval – it’s understanding each other and talking about everything. As cheesy as it sounds, giving your body to someone just to win an argument won’t lead to a successful relationship – it will only bring you a step closer to a breakup.

Talk about common issues that bother you both and try to find a mutual understanding about the problems you are facing. This is the hardest skill to master and the most useful one to have in your arsenal.

In Conclusion

Developing relationship skills will come to you over time, and you should accept all of them to your benefit. Every new experience you have will bring you a step closer to impressing that special person that is just right for you. Give yourself the freedom to explore your fantasies and enjoy doing it!