Whether you’ve met them through mutual friends, on Tinder, at the bar, or anywhere else – the first time you’ve planned a hookup with a new partner almost always takes some serious preparation beforehand. Some of this prep work is useful, some of it… not so much.

1. Confirm he’s not secretly a serial killer.

Maybe you went straight home after meeting them, or maybe you saved it for the day of your big hookup, but either way, chances are that you’re going to devote some time to online stalking your new toy. With each social media site that you type their name into the search bar of, you pray that you don’t discover a horrible, deal-breaking secret – or even worse, accidentally tap ‘like’.

2. Screenshot his photos.

As you’re partaking in your online stalking, it’s more than likely that you’ll screen shot a couple pics and text them to your bestie for a quick (or hilariously in-depth) second opinion.

3. Check that you have protection.

Remembered to take your pill today? Check. Have lots of condoms? Check. Lube on hand just in case? Check.

4. Start your playlist.

Get your music pumping and your confidence sky-rocketing.

5. Begin your primping ritual.

Hop in the shower or bath and start your personal care regime. Maybe you like to do an intense full-body exfoliation, or maybe you just run a razor up your legs quickly. Whatever it is you do, taking care of your personal hygiene pre-hookup is a surefire way to feel like a million bucks.

6. Check yourself out naked.

Before getting dressed, take the opportunity to look at your naked bod in the mirror. Admire your assets, contemplate what you view as flaws, and wonder what your new partner is going to think the first time they see you sans clothing.

7. Debate what underwear to wear.

What’s going to best show off how hot you are? What are you worried will look like you’re “trying too hard”? Where does your bed partner side on the thong vs. boyshorts debate? Is a push-up bra false advertising or just a confidence booster? Should you go with cute, or sexy? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

8. Debate what clothes to wear.

You’ve finally settled on some seductive undergarments but now it’s time to go through the same dilemmas all over again deciding what to cover your lovely lingerie with.

9. Hair and makeup.

You want to look hot as fuck, but you still want to look that way after sex too. Will this makeup smudge in the heat of the moment? Will this hairstyle look like a rat’s nest after your romp? Ugh, so much to consider.

10. Last minute tidying up.

Rush around your house making sure that your bed is made, your dirty laundry is out of sight, and that you didn’t leave anything potentially embarrassing lying around.

11. Pace around the house nervously.

Awkwardly try to distract yourself until it’s either time to leave, or they come over. Even five minutes seems like an eternity. I’M READY, WHERE ARE THEY?!?

12. Give yourself a pep talk.

Remind yourself that you’re a kick-ass lady that anybody would be lucky to fool around with.