We all know how to spot a cougar… the hot older woman at the bar who seductively glances, cocktail in hand, winking at younger guys who can’t help but be attracted to her experienced mystique.

But what if you’re a cougar in training? You know, a young 20- or 30-something that’s already checking out younger guys… and will one day work up the ranks to be a fox on the prowl.

Here are some tell-tale signs you’re set for Cougar-ville.

1. You’re still hitting college bars. A wine bar? No thanks!

2. Your best friend’s younger brother looks hotter every time you see him.

3. You believe that age is just a number… or a challenge.

4. Tequila shots during the pre-game still sounds like a fabulous idea.

5. You’re eager to teach a guy all the right moves. No experience necessary.

6. You love the idea of having a boy toy tend to you… “Don’t forget the champagne, dear!”

7. You are always attracted to the one guy at the bar who looks like he needed a fake ID to get in.

8. The thought of taking someone’s virginity is totally hot rather than awkward or cringe-inducing.

9. People often think you look younger than you are (and we’re all jealous that you can pull off faking your age).

10. Thrill and spontaneity are more appealing that comfort and stability.

11. You always like to keep things fresh – in and out of the bedroom.

12. The higher the year on his “Class of ___” jacket is, the more excited you get to see if you can win him over.

13. You’re eager for the day where you can drop the “in training” and just go with “cougar.” Get it, girl!