I’m not saying sex is perfect… it can definitely be less-than-ideal, especially if you’re with an unsatisfying, boring partner. But if you’re doing it right, there’s a lot to be excited about.

It’s natural and satisfying – sex is fun, embrace it!  Read on for some of our favorite things about getting it on…

1. That knowing glance you and your partner give each other, right before you rip each other’s clothes off.

2. Quite literally, ripping each other’s clothes off. There’s no time for awkward undressing… take it off quickly, or rip it!

3. Lingerie. For those smoldering moments where you want to celebrate your body with some gorgeous adornment, and take a moment to enjoy the view before taking it all off.

4. Surprise sex. It doesn’t need to all be making love, romance, and perfection. That morning wood begging to be ridden is sexy!

5. The soft, sensual feel of freshly shaved legs, lady bits, and manly parts.

6. The overall gorgeousness of the natural human form – whether it’s embracing your curves, or admiring the beauty of your partner’s naked self. (Yes, that includes genitalia!)

7. Getting wet and slide-y with some of your favorite lube. There’s nothing like feeling like a Slip n Slide.

8. Not knowing what your partner will do next.

9. Drunk, unbridled passion that gives that “got to have you right now” urgency.

10. That moment when your partner finally enters you… as if he belonged there the whole time.

11. The growing arousal of slowly building orgasms during grinding, rubbing sex.

12. The passionate and undeniable pleasure of quick, passionate, intense pounding sex… yes, including doggy style.

13. Understanding exactly what kind of sex your partner likes, by talking about it first… and then delivering exactly what they desire. Communication leads to the hottest sex experiences.

14. The sounds. No, not those slapping, sweaty sounds… but your moans and groans of pleasure.

15. And the squeak of the bed.

16. And on second thought, those body-slapping sounds are sexy, too. After all, it shows that you’re truly having some pounding pleasure.

17. Being close and intimate enough with a partner that you can laugh about sex and any awkwardness that may arise.

18. The variety of positions. There’s something for everyone to love – whether you like tender romance, or would rather get seriously scandalous.

19. Experimenting with your partner to explore your fantasies and desires… and finding out new kinks you didn’t know you had.

20. Getting some inspiration from porn, and applying those expert tricks to your own bedroom.

21. Exploring new places to get it on… like the kitchen table, or on top of the washing machine.

22. Giving it a go in a semi-public place.

23. The wet, wild excitement of giving a blowjob, and knowing that your partner will quite literally melt in your mouth.

24. The deliciousness of going down on a woman, and enjoying that sweet yet tangy natural taste as you give her pleasure.

25. Exploring your back door. The excitement of doing something taboo is unbeatable.

26. Bringing another person in on the fun.

27. Leaving marks… bite marks, scratch marks, and hickeys.

28. Mind-blowing, knee-shaking, bed-gripping, moan-inducing orgasms.

29. The look of pure passionate release in your partner’s eyes and facial scrunches as they finally let go.

30. Your combined bodily fluids. If you and your partner are ejecting tons of them, you definitely know you’re doing something right.

31. That after-sex scent. While some may find it repulsive, that combination of sweat and private juices can be intoxicating and exciting.

32. The mess of sheets and pillows and condoms and lube after you’re done. It’s a mark that you had a good time.

33. The wet spot on the bed. A reminder of your incredible pleasure.

What else do you love about sex? Let us know in the comments!