Nothing says “I love and appreciate you” like the gift of endless pleasure. Whether it’s your intimate partner or your best friend, sex toys that invite fun, passion, and creativity into the bedroom (or anywhere) are unique ways to treat your loved ones.

Choosing the best sexy gifts for every person on your naughty list might even be more fun than watching them squirm with excitement when they open it. 


Image of the white-bodied Hitachi Magic Wand featuring its control switch and blue accents.


Gift the Best Vibrator of All Time – Magic Wand Vibrator

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me a vibrator oh so pleasing. The authentic Magic Wand massager needs little introduction as this famously powerful vibrator has been radiating positive vibes for more than fifty years! You might know it as the one vibrator to rule them all, the holy grail and Cadillac of vibrators, and an untamed beast whose unrelenting vibrations refuses to be silenced or subdued.

Its two powerful speed options and a super-soft head are no joke. The lower speed has 5,000 vibrations per minute. The higher speed has 6,000 vibrations per minute. For comparison, the highest level on a washing machine is 1,600 rotations per minute. If your partner is tired of their bullet vibrators and aches for something more powerful, this is the vibrator for the job.

Many folks with vulvas who have never had an orgasm before in their life thank the Magic Wand massager for giving them their very first orgasm

If you’re looking for a new spin on a classic, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is conveniently cordless, or for deep and divine vibrations at a smaller size, opt for the Magic Wand Mini.


A person holding the We-Vibe Chorus in light blue


Share the Stimulation with We-Vibe Couple’s Vibrator

The We-Vibe’s Chorus is a triple threat of shared stimulation – it’s really a gift for them and for you. 

This couple’s vibrator is designed to be worn during sex, to curate an unforgettable experience. Its two motors are perfectly designed to target the clitoris, G-spot, and penis simultaneously. Use the app to choose from three touch-sense modes, or control three vibration intensities and seven patterns to make sure you and your partner are singing with sensation. The touch sensors that sync with your movements and the squeeze remote make this the ultimate sexy gift for your partner.

The We-Vibe Sync 2 similarly contours to your body and has all-over vibration, but it comes without all the extra bells and whistles, keeping it at a more attainable price point.

If you prefer suction to vibration, you’ll love We-Vibe’s Melt, whose perfectly ergonomic shape is designed to seamlessly fit between partners in a variety of positions. The real melt factor of this toy is We-Vibe’s Pleasure-Air Technology, which uses air-pulse vibrations and gentle suction to create a clitoral massage, without ever touching the clitoris directly, and instead surrounding it to create that gentle air pressure.


The Handy male masturbator attached to the Handsfree Desk Mount


The Sexy Gift for Him – The Handy

The treat anyone with a penis would love to see in their stocking – The Handy. Personal and versatile, this toy is designed to make your fantasies a reality in real time. This hands-free stroker is more than just a masturbation sleeve.

With a seamless (and anonymous) connection to your favorite porn sites through their platform, you can feel what you see as the automatic stroker replicates all types of delicious on-screen movements. Plus, take charge with easy-to-use controls directly in the app, allowing you to adjust stroke speed, length, and area for a completely customized offline experience.

You can even choose your path to pleasure with a diverse selection of TrueGrip sleeves (to find the perfect fit for your ultimate exploration of sensation). From sleeves that mimic vaginal and/or anal penetration to those that feel like a messy blowjob or a firm handjob, each sleeve is designed to provide a realistic sensation you’ll love.

With its innovative video-sync option and an amazing Handyverse app for personalized or long-distance control, The Handy is a true game-changer in the world of sex toys for penis-wielders. 


Clone-A-Willy DIY sex toy kit in purple and in glow in the dark


Share the Sexiest DIY Date Night with Clone-A-Willy

If you’re into gifting experiences, this is one you and your partner will never forget. Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy are the perfect DIY date night activities that leave you with sentimental genitals to please you all year long.

With a body-safe homemade dildo kit, a variety of skin tone options, algae-based molding powder, a single-speed vibrator, a molding tube and easy-to-follow instructions, you can make an exact silicone replica of your partner’s penis or pussy. 

This toy is perfect for long-distance couples or are looking for new and crafty ways of reconnecting with each other’s bodies. Reconnect as you explore a night of deep, playful intimacy and endless laughs. Never forget this romantic date night in with your significant other through your hyper-personal souvenir that will please you again, and again.


A lesbian couple sitting under a Christmas tree, cuddling and about to kiss.


The Gift of a Deep Intimacy Revival – Coaching

For couples or solo pleasure-seekers seeking an even deeper dive into their desires, explore 1:1 coaching to expand your experience of pleasure and intimacy, confidently embody your full erotic self, and explore erotic communication with excitement and ease, whether you’re exploring kink, poly and ENM relationships, or simply want to deepen your connections! 

Through weekly or bi-weekly calls, connect with sex, dating, and relationship coach Lorrae Jo (also SGP’s founder!) to get clarity on your desires, connect more deeply with your partner and your authentic self, and take action to create the pleasure you crave, while supporting you through any hiccups along way.

Coaching gives you a safe, compassionate space to express and create a path toward your desires while leaving fear, cultural shame, and taboo at the door. The tools you’ll learn in coaching will help you cultivate more intimacy, feel centered in your desires and boundaries, and embody the skills to have powerful agency and communicate in every aspect of your life, making it the gift of a lifetime. Set up a one-to-one call to learn more about coaching with Lorrae here!


A couple exchanging a sexy holiday gift.


More ideas for your horny loved ones

  • Indulge in a journey of elevated sensations with these three tantalizing toys from UTIMI. Create a discreet connection that defies distance with the Butterfly Long Distance 1-in-1 vibrator. Equipped with 9 powerful tapping modes, 9 strong vibration modes, and app-based remote control, this rabbit-style vibe allows you to orchestrate every pulse with ease. Encased in a custom leather case, the Lulu Handsfree Masturbator is the sexiest present you can give your partner with a penis. Its wearable design ensures hands-free exploration, accompanied by a low noise level that conceals its powerful capabilities. With the added convenience of a discreet cleaning kit and an extra-long stroke of up to 8cm, this is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Get all your desires filled with the Double Dildos Strap-On. The body-safe silicone dildo and secure strap-on design create a harmonious connection between you and your partner in penetration.
  • Get Sophisticated and Sexy with OSUGAWith their stunning and decorative line of discreet toys, choose from a variety of sucking and vibrating treats for the eyes and intimate bits. The Cuddly Bird features suction and vibration to bring your pleasure to new heights, in style. For a little 2-in-1 action, their G-Spa Clitoral and G-Spot stimulator boasts a unique seal tail that makes finding your G-spot simple, for effortless pleasure. Their whimsically designed Oradio is a clitoral and G-spot stimulation masterpiece with its eight enticing vibration modes.
  • On-the-Go Pleasure with OhMiBodBring your pleasure along with you wherever you go with OhMiBod’s Foxy, a sophisticated app-controlled wearable vibrator, precisely crafted for a flawless fit discreetly inside your panties. Let your partner take full control of your pleasure whether you’re long-distance or sharing the same bed.
  • Seduce with Sensual Essentials at ExsensWith a luxurious array of erotic body-care and intimacy-enhancing essentials, allow Exsens to whisk you away on an erotic journey full of delicious physical stimulation. Raspberry-flavored lubes, pheromone sprays, mint mojito massage oils, and more will spark a new sense of curiosity and exploration between you and your partner.
  • True Tantalizing Pleasure with Tracy’s Dog – The Flowliper Clit Toy is one of their most unique toys combining vibration and suction for irresistible sensations. With three silky soft suction heads and 10 suction modes, you can choose to slowly tease or increase its intensity to see stars in minutes. Its Dynamic Pulse Mode switches up the suction modes and frequency automatically, making it the perfect toy for novices and experienced users alike!


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