Public sex is one of the ultimate fantasies, especially for adrenaline junkies with an exhibitionist streak. Getting it on with the risk of getting caught is a naughty and forbidden treat that instantly brings excitement and passion to your sex life.

While I was in school, I made it my personal mission to hook up in every building on campus… it was a sexual bucket list, of sorts. From the stacks of the library to after-hours classrooms, if there’s a school-girl fantasy location, I’ve given it a go. Not to mention countless times scouting out the park or sneaking up to a rooftop under the stars. I haven’t just been around the block – I’ve had sex around it. You could say I’m the Don Juan of getting it on outdoors.

So, want to step up your public sex game? Here’s how to do it without getting caught.



1. Start a List of Places

Put some thought in beforehand. Make a list of places where you’d love to get it on. Your imagination, and a bit of common sense, is your only limitation. If it’s warm out, go wild on the beach, in a park, in the woods, or underneath the stars. If it’s cold out, try an indoor place that’s still public like the movies, a dressing room or the library. Which places make you the most excited?

2. Semi-Public Sex is Great, too

Does exhibitionism give you stage fright? You don’t need to be fully exposed with people nearby for sex to count as public. Try semi-public sex that has enough risk to make it exciting but not so much that you’ll head home with a public indecency charge. Try a place that’s somewhat concealed, like under a bridge, in your car, or even in the single occupancy bathroom of a fancy restaurant. To start small, try in your own backyard, balcony, deck, rooftop or in front of a window. Don’t worry. It’s still brag-worthy.

3. Scout the Location

You might think you’ve found the perfect place to seal the deal at midnight but didn’t realize security would be on patrol at the same time. Spontaneous sex is exciting, but scoping out your place of passion ahead of time can reduce getting caught. Be careful to look for security areas, cameras or people who might be working nearby. Find a private nook that’s a little daring but not so out in the open that everyone passing by will see you.

4. Dress for Finesse

You’ll want to dress for easy access and easy recovery. You don’t want to wear pants with a zipper that sticks or that needs to be pulled down to your ankles. Choose something that you can easily and discreetly maneuver. To prevent pants-related challenges, consider a skirt that pulls up quickly and a thong that pulls to the side. Better yet, leave the panties at home. If you’re planning on wearing  boxers, definitely go for the baggy ones… If someone happens to turn the corner, you can quickly get it together and look normal without struggling to shimmy up your pants.



5.  Assume the Position

Not every position is right for getting it on in public. If you’re on a beach in the middle of the night, you can probably get away with missionary or receiver on top. But, if you’re trying to look casual while looking over a balcony, or even against the wall at a crowded club, you’ll have you be more discreet. For these situations, standing sex should be your go-to. It’s stealthy enough to look like a steamy make-out session and flexible enough that you can get away with it almost anywhere. Plus, if someone happens to notice, you can quickly stand up and adjust to look normal again.

6. Keep it Quick

This isn’t the time for a long drawn-out love making session. Expedience is key; make it a quickie. Public sex is meant to be a passionate, fast, endorphin and adrenaline-fueled experience with a “gotta have you now” urgency. Embrace that hot, heavy sensation and welcome the hurried breaths as you go hard.

7. Control Your Volume and Facial Expressions

Public sex is no place for screamers. Minimize your risk of getting caught by keeping your moans and pleasure-twisted faces in check. Lower the volume and your expressions to only the bare necessities, even if you have to turn around to hide your O-face.



8. Bring Some Buzz

Sometimes a quickie can leave one of you unsatisfied, especially if your partner craves foreplay. To make sure you both reach your peak quickly, bring a small, pocket-sized vibrator to heighten sensation during sex. It’s an instant boost of pleasure that will help to turn them on and get you both off in a hurry so you can both leave feeling satisfied.

9. Pack Baby Wipes and a Brush

This not only helps with cleanup but will leave you both looking and feeling fresh post-romp. Fast, passionate sex in public can lead to some mess, and if you’re thinking about re-joining the public after getting it on in a restaurant’s bathroom, you can freshen up and tame your wild sex-hair.

The thrill of risky public sex combined with a can’t-resist-you urgency makes for an unforgettable experience.