In the woods of upstate PA, Elements Lakewood Festival will uniquely create a 3 day interactive summer camp for adults over Memorial Day weekend – complete with a sick electronic lineup, interactive art and theme camps, and camping activities reminiscent of your childhood summer days. Elements Lakewood is a branch off from BangOn!’s festival of the same name in NYC, yet combines camping and a more rural feel with the live interactive arts they’re known for – channeling a Burning Man vibe. The festival takes place from May 26-28 in Northeast, PA (only 2.5 hours outside of NYC!)… and it’s well worth the trip for the unique experience they’re going to bring to the east coast. Here’s why!

1. The Dance-Centric Lineup

Elements’ lineup features over 40 talented artists, bands, and DJs, ranging from trance to hardstyle to bass to techno. Headliners that shouldn’t be missed are Tipper (where Elements is his only show on the East Coast for 2017!), Claude VonStroke (to get weird with your Dirty Bird side), and Keys N Krates (to get your fill of bass). Some lesser-known names and our editor‘s picks to check out are Eli Escobar (for an intro to house music), Golden Pony (guaranteed to keep you dancing all night) and Horse Meat Disco (an NYC favorite that brings back, you guessed it, disco). Whether or not you’re familiar with the acts on the lineup, you’re guaranteed to have a dope time at their sets. Check out the full lineup below, as well as day by day performances on their site, in case you want to opt for a 1-day rather than 3-day pass. 

2. Lakeside Camping

Elements offers traditional camping (with optional cabins – more on that below!) and RV options for attendees, all nestled in the woods of upstate PA, right next to the gorgeous lake that defines “Lakewood”. Bring your own tent and materials and camp out beside the festival grounds to get the most of the experience and culture! This is an especially rad festival for camping, since the stages are based off of the four elements (earth, wind, fire, water) – and camping is a great way to get in touch with nature. You can also add on camping extras, like private showers and bathroom access. BTW, the festival is trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible – so know that you’re supporting green festival fun when you go to Lakewood! 

Note: All photos (except the cabin below) are from Elements’ previous NYC fest, not Lakewood.

3. Cozy Cabins

Elements is offering an even more unique experience – cabins for camping! Most festivals only allow tents or RVs, but Elements also provides optional cabins for campers who want a more luxe experience. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard that a festival offers. They offer 3 different styles of cabins: private cabins (sleeping up to 14), bungalow suites (sleeping up to 3), and single beds in a shared cabin (where you can request to be placed with your friends. All the cabins are super cute and quaint, plus they all have beds, hot showers, electricity, and a front porch. Just be sure to bring your own bedding or a sleeping bag, and remember that there’s no smoking indoors. If you want to get a cabin with your friends make sure to read more about it here!

4. Interactive Arts

Elements shows off many talented artists, ranging from large-scale sculptures and 3D art installations, to jewelry and craft tents from independent vendors. Beyond that, they have interactive theater and circus performances throughout the grounds and aside musical acts. There’s also tons of opportunities for group participation – imagine all the arts, games, and activities you loved at summer camp, but now doing them at a music festival as an adult! You’ll also get to relax with mindset-focused tents and experiences, including an editor favorite, deep house yoga. We’re also curious to check out the unique experiences that will be conjured up from dance-focused groups like Webster Hall and Dancing Astronaut.

5. Burning Man Style Theme Camps

By far, the coolest thing about Elements Lakewood Festival are their theme camps, which channel a Burning Man inspired vibe. These camps allow groups of friends, performers, party goers, and artists to let their creativity shine as they bring to life large-scale art installments and interactive think-pieces. Some of the festival’s favorite ideas so far this year include a glitter art station, interactive checkers (where festival goers are the pieces!) and adult toy making classes (swoon!). These are all part of your festival experience, and a great way to spend time between sets or to wind down during the day. If you’ve got a creative side you want to express, you can submit your vision, and Elements will help bring it to life. 

The Details

Elements Lakewood Festival is a must experience event for the summer. This festival radiates artistic, earthy vibes. The coolest part is that the festival arts come from attendees as well! The fest offers great opportunities to show off your artistic side, learn a new skill, enjoy some great music, or simply connect with nature and good vibes. What better way to spend your memorial day weekend than camping by the lake with some friends, enjoying interactive arts, and dancing to sets?

Get your tickets before they sell out! You must be 18 to attend and 21+ to drink.  You can either buy tickets for individual days, or a full three day pass. First tier passes are sold out, but second tier passes and single day passes are on sale now! Find all additional info at