It’s simply wonderful that we live in a time where we have access to sex stores that sell some pretty ahhh-mazing toys and gadgets to spice up ye’ old sex life. In fact, SGP already has reviewed the top popular sex toys of 2016 from vibrators to gels. One of the treasures that I had recently uncovered is Sex Dice. It reminded me of the Vegas feel vibes- as if I could incorporate rolling dice but instead of collecting chips, I got to collect some fun sexual favors! I really enjoyed this game because it didn’t require any tedious set up like other board games do. After my first time using sex dice, I realized how fun, hot, often times silly, and above all how wonderful the game can truly be. Here are the five things I learned after using Sex Dice.



1. The number of dice does matter.

For my first time, I bought a set of three sex dice. However, there are a boundless array of sex dices out on the market today, the dice can range from erotic drawings of different positions to try or different areas of the house to preform the sexual acts. What attracted me to buy this particular set of sex dice was for two reasons: the first was that the dice were glow-in-the-dark, giving me a bit of nostalgia of the glow-in-the-dark stars I used to stick to my walls and eagerly await to see light up my room. The second reason was because of the interesting words on the dice. The first dice had ‘action words’ such as; lick, suck, kiss, and nibble. Now I didn’t really know what nibble meant but I’ll get to that later! The second dice had different erogenous zones to preform the actions, from nipples to inner thigh. I can’t tell you how many times I had hoped to the high heavens to keep rolling the dice to inner thigh. The third dice had adjectives like rough, gentle, and even givers choice. Depending on how intricate or descriptive you want the dice, it all comes down to personal preference. So, go to your local sex shop and look at the different types of sex dices that could be a good fit for you and your partner(s).



2. A lot of the combos won’t make sense…at first.

Remember the confusion with nibble? Yeah well this leads to one common problem that me and my boyfriend constantly ran into, which was a lot of the combos that the dice created made absolutely no sense…at first. I think we had to shake off the seriousness that we all carry with us during day-to-day activities. When it comes to something as sensual and fun as sex, we had to look within ourselves and release any seriousness and just have some fun! So after a couple times rolling the dice and awkwardly proceeding with the act, we started to get creative and funny with it. A memorable example was nibble ear sensually. First off, how do you nibble? We had to look that word up old Merriam-Webster dictionary style. Then secondly, how do you nibble an ear sensually??? You should’ve seen the look on my partner’s face, he was so puzzled. Again, we had to get creative and in the end, nibbling lead to incorporating sensual groping and squeezing. It’s honestly what you make of it and how you use the words given to play with your partner.


3. There will be as many laughs as there are moans.

Be prepared to have a laughing fit at times and that is perfectly ok! I have come to the conclusion that this game was meant to take sex lightly enough to be able to laugh at ourselves in a way that builds trust and comfort between myself and my partner. At the beginning of the game, me and my partner could barely hold a serious conversation due to how awkward we felt. Fast forward ten minutes later and the laughter had subsided equally to the amount of moaning that can occur when the game is played creatively. A personal touch I added was while giving a sexual act I would also to try tickle or massage my partner to get a good balance of laughter and moans.


4. Dice can be played as a great foreplay game.

Like many sex games suggest, this truly is a game for some great foreplay! Like for real though, who would have ever thought that dice could assist in my bedroom endeavors?! Instead of the usual rubbing and touching pre-game, the dice was a very nice refresher to the usual program. Foreplay can and should be a long but enjoyable build up to the actual climax. A great way to pace yourself and other involved is to play about ten rounds each person involved of the sex dice. The game can introduce different ways to heat it up in the bedroom I found out other ways that my partner liked his neck to be played with. You and your partner will become pros in no time at how many ways you can play with certain erogenous zones.



5. It’s a great communication builder.

Overall, what we all hope to accomplish other than experiencing out-of-this-world orgasms is to become closer with the person we are with. Communication is key in any relationship especially sexual and using sex toys is a great outlet to explore what you and your partner both like and don’t like. The dice are basically guidelines and its up to you on how you interpret and execute that sexual favor. This game has taught me that I do like how my partner ‘nibbles’ on my ears and neck. This game also pushes the need to ask! Ask questions about how you partner wants it done, what could be done differently next time and what they liked about the game. This could lead to learning about new areas of  your partner’s body that you didn’t know about before.



What the next best thing is to reading about sex dice, is actually trying it out for yourself! Go ahead and give this game a try, I guarantee that you’ll not only get a few good laughs in but also you will learn new ways to pleasing your partner and yourself. Try it, love it and understand all the benefits that you and your partner will gain from a pair of dice. Enjoy!