I’m in the market for my next tattoo. While I’ve always been a feminist, in this day and age, I’m really letting my feminist flag fly. So it’s natural that I want my next ink to be all about my political passion. Whether you’re in the market for your next tat or just enjoy admiring ink, here are fifty feminist tattoo ideas to inspire you.

1. This badass boxer that reminds fuckboys you belong to no one.

2. A spiked bra to show just how tough femininity really is.

3. This Insta-worthy piece that shows you’re shameless about your gender identity.

4. A tat to show what you’re really passionate about.

5. No one owns you but yourself.

6. Celebrate the female form with this minimalistic design.

7. Another body-pos AF feminist tattoo. Why not even make her a depiction of yourself?

8. A friendly reminder to love yourself.

9. A reminder to everyone that you are what you are.

10. A celebration of equality for everyone.

11. Pay homage to one of your role models, such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

12. This A Midsummer Night’s Dream quote is popular among our favorite tiny feminists.

13. A reminder to keep being a “nasty woman”.

14. This celebration of women from all backgrounds.

15. An empowering reminder.

16. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” – Irina Dunn

17. Because Lisa Simpson was your first feminist role model and you know it.

18. And don’t forget about kick-ass Disney women like Mulan, either. She defied gender roles and saved her country!

19. You already have mermaid hair and think misogyny is crap, so why not celebrate those facts with body art?

20. Because every feminist’s favorite cocktail is…

21. This commanding reminder to ~do your thang!~

22. Because let’s face it, women make this world.

23. A self-love declaration.

24. Grow. Change. Form ideas. Break glass ceilings. Smash the patriarchy.

25. A warning that your existence does not mean your consent.

26. Quote a favorite feminist author or poet, like Maya Angelou.

27. Get vulgar, because even ladies curse.

28. Of course we have more than one “Nasty Woman” tat! This time with some really cool art.

29. Roll up your sleeve and show this to the next guy on public transit who reminds you to smile. >:)

30. Wear your pro-choice beliefs on your skin.

32. I’m leaning towards this one, because it’s badass and inspired by my favorite 90s anime.

33. Because no one met their future girlfriend by whistling at them on the street.

34. News flash: If make up makes you feel badass and beautiful, it is badass and beautiful.

35. Because consent is required at all times.

36. A subtle display of girl power.

37. A simple hammer tattoo will remind you to keep smashing that patriarchy!

38. Because fuck gender roles!

39. If you don’t want a full-on portrait, go for a subtle display to your favorite feminist, like this homage to Frida Kahlo.

40. A tattoo like this is powerful anywhere, but I love the idea of getting one on my thighs.

41. And another male tears tat because why the hell not?

42. This simple, fun Riot Grrrl finger tat.

43. We’ve been called worse.

44. Celebrate all the things that make you a woman, especially your strength.

45. Because no matter how much skin you are showing, no one is asking for it unless they, you know, actually ask for it.

46. A reminder that my uterus means my rules.

48. Because Elizabeth Warren is bae. (And you can’t silence me.)

49. This simple piece that really says it all.

50. And this one, that says the same thing just as well.

Do you have a feminist tattoo or one that celebrates your girl power? Share it with us!