The Adam & Eve Purple Venus Butterfly is great for someone looking to get a little more experimental with toys, without spending too much hard-earned money on one that might not be used often. Once you get this unique toy, which straps a pretty powerful vibrator right to your body, you’ll be using it all the time. Adam & Eve has long been a big name in the toy industry, and once I gave this one a try, I definitely would say that they’ve hit it out of the ball park. While experienced users may crave more power and variety, this toy is perfect if you’re looking for a hands-free experience that won’t break the bank.

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The Design

The first time I tried the Purple Venus Butterfly, it took me quite a while to understand just where all of the straps go. If there was an instruction manual, I definitely threw it out with the box. Lucky for me, it was not incredibly difficult to figure out how to use. You just might want to figure it out first, before being in the heat of the moment. You slip one of the straps around your hips and the other two around your thighs to perfectly position the vibrating butterfly on your clitoris and surrounding area. Even without the straps, this toy can give you some great stimulation.



I love the hands-free feeling of this toy. It’ll easily stay put, and once you practice a few times, you’ll know exactly how and where to place it for super easy, incredibly lazy, all night pleasure. Aside from the cord connected to a remote which controls the vibration, this toy is entirely hands free. I would have preferred a cordless and smaller remote, but the cord was long enough and the remote light enough that the size didn’t matter too much. Since the straps come off, you can also use the toy solo by yourself or during foreplay with a partner. Another extra – the shape of the toy allows it to conform to your body’s curves, meaning it will stimulate places simultaneously that are usually very hard to reach with certain types of toys.



Vibrations & Power

The vibration of the Purple Venus Butterfly is controlled by a small slider on the side of the remote, right next to where you would slide in the batteries. The vibrations range from a light, buzzy vibration to a much more powerful, yet still buzzy, vibration. All are controlled by the slider, which is super simple to use. At higher levels, this vibration would likely be too powerful for a beginner – but experienced users would find this vibration to be mid-level. As the batteries run out, the vibration tends to die down a bit. Either way, you can easily control the slider to find the setting that’s perfect for you.



If the vibrations are too much to handle, you can turn it on for a few hours and go back to it, to wear out the batteries and lower the vibration. I have noticed that as I use this product more and more, the vibrations seem to be just right. With some finesse, I have found the perfect level for me.

Because of the way the straps are attached, you can also situate the toy in the way that feels best for you. Once it’s there, you don’t have to even pay attention to it, and your hands are free to roam elsewhere or do other things entirely. Meaning, get ready to put this on under you clothes, sit down in front of the TV, and randomly throw some vibrations on all night long.



Material & Storage

The Purple Venus Butterfly is made out of jelly – a product material we normally do not review. We made an exception for this toy because it is very unique and because it is an external toy. However, please be aware that jelly is porous (meaning that bacteria develops in the pores and the toy cannot be properly cleaned) and that jelly contains phthalates (which are known to be toxic and can cause various types of reactions with your body, like pain and rashes). While this didn’t happen to me, it is a known issue with jelly toys, so please be aware of that before you purchase. We also recommend throwing this product out right away if you start to experience any issues from it.



I find this product a little difficult to store, because of both the straps and the material. I personally love the jelly feeling of this type of toy, because it feels so much more realistic than regular silicone toys. However, this material also lends itself to dust and stray hairs if you don’t use it all the time. Because of this, I find myself having to wash it very thoroughly. However, they very handily made the straps removable, which makes washing easier, so you can go straight from the sink to bed, and you won’t be plagued with moist straps. I found this to be very relieving. Just make sure not to get the controller wet when you wash it.




The Purple Venus Butterfly is great for someone looking to try something new and experience hands-free pleasure. It’s a great, inexpensive asset to your collection, and would be wonderful for a beginner who wants to experiment with various levels of vibration. This probably will not be your everyday go-to, but it’s my favorite rainy day or spice-things-up toy. Try it and enjoy!

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