I recently had the opportunity to try an at home anal lightening kit, a kit designed to help lighten or “brighten” your most sensitive areas (like your anus). As a precursor to my upcoming review, we thought it would be a good idea to give you sluts an idea of what exactly I’ll be reviewing (aka: what anal brightening is, how it works, and basically anything else you’d be curious to know).

There was a quick reference in Bridesmaids that may have left anal bleaching fresh in your mind, but if you don’t know anything more about it than that, you aren’t alone. As with other private cosmetic procedures, this trend started in the sex industry and has just recently become available for the general public in the past few years. When the “all bare” wax trend became popular, more women noticed that there was some discoloration around their genitals and wanted their skin tone even all over (or all under). Once the shave-it-all trend, and lightened anuses, became popularized in porn, the public decided they wanted their wink’s to be pink, too.

So, what does it feel like? How does it work? What do they use? Is it safe?

Don’t get your panties in a bunch. In fact, if you’re wearing them, take them off! We’re about to get real familiar with the butt hole. Let’s go!

Who gets their anuses bleached?

The trend of anal lightening is marketed mostly towards women, but also has a huge gay following. Our contact noted that their clients are mostly women and gay men, but not just young sex panthers like you’d think. While they do see a good amount of young people and those in the sex industry, their clientele is just as largely made up of soccer moms and business men of all age ranges and sexual orientations.

It’s also not just for the rich. You can get your anus bleached for about the price of a good Brazilian at a reputable salon ($45-$50), anywhere in the country, providing they offer this service. Products are also available for use at home for about the same price, depending on how many products you want, what type of products, and if it’s a multi-part system.

What is it?

Anal bleach, lightener, or brightener is a cream that is either applied in a salon or in your bathroom at home. In the past, lightening products used harsh chemicals to change the pigment of the sensitive skin around the anus. These harmful ingredients include hydroquinone, kojic acid, and mercury – and hydroquinone actually needs to be included for a product to have the legal definition of “bleaching” and “lightening”. So, any company that uses those terms also uses these harmful chemicals. The amount of an ingredient used is also just as important as the ingredient itself. Some ingredients are extremely safe in very small amounts, but when used in large amounts (like as the primary ingredient), they can be dangerous.

Now, the most trustworthy and reputable companies are using more natural ingredients for their client’s safety. All of these products are typically labeling under “brightening”. Be sure to ask your salon what chemicals they use, or read the chemicals on the back of your kit, before proceeding with brightening.

The company we’ve interviewed for this article does NOT use harmful chemicals, carcinogenic amounts, or dangerous combinations of ingredients. Instead, they use all-natural ingredients that gently reduce the activity of Tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for darkening) in new skin cells, and moisturize the skin at the same time. They don’t use animal testing. When researching your anal brightening kit, definitely look for a kit free of harmful chemicals, and that instead has helpful, moisturizing, and skin-supporting ingredients.

What does it feel like?

How it feels differs in the salons versus at home. When one goes to a salon, the procedure is usually piggybacked onto a waxing appointment since it’s so short. Once you are naked and on the table, the application of the cream by the professional takes less than 10 minutes for the whole anal lightening process to complete. Usually, clients have the choice of purchasing a cream for upkeep, or they can return periodically to the salons for touch ups.

At home, it’s just a cream that you apply yourself. For the products I’m reviewing, I was sent a kit with an accelerating wash (soap), the lightening cream, and an after moisturizer. I wash the area with the soap, pat dry gently, and then wait about five minutes for the area to dry naturally. Then, I apply the lightening cream in circular motions for about one minute per area. I wait for that to dry for about five minutes, naturally and while naked, and then I apply the moisturizing cream. This process takes me about 15 minutes in all, with only four minutes of constant activity, and the rest is wait time.

No matter how you do it – there shouldn’t be any discomfort. Sure, the cream may be cold, and having a salon worker looking at your ass may feel weird, but nothing about it should hurt. People with very sensitive skin may have a little tingling, but if you feel any burning, itching, or pain – wash the cream off and stop using it immediately!

How long does it last? 

Again, it depends on whether you get a salon or at home treatment. When you do a salon treatment, there is less room for novice error (though rubbing your asshole really isn’t hard). Our contact said it really depends on your skin, though. Some people see results immediately with at home treatment – and for some people, it takes about a month. Some people can keep their salon results for almost a year, with no touch ups. Just like with everything sexuality related, there is no one answer. Every body is different – so results vary.

Why should I do it?

Anal bleaching is not something anyone SHOULD do, unless they want to. Like any other aspect of sexuality/sexual grooming, it is all dependent on your wants and your preferences (even if your partner has other ideas). The only people who SHOULD participate in this trend are people who feel self conscious about darker skin around their anus, even though it’s totally natural, and are looking for a solution to feel better about it. If you want to do it, absolutely participate! But, don’t get the idea that there is some new unwritten rule that your anus must be lightened to be a viable and attractive sexual partner. That’s simply not the case, and never will be.

Remember that even the experts realize that the darkening of skin is normal and that “nothing is wrong with you”. South Beach Skin Solutions says,

“Our products have given [our customers] back their confidence and self esteem by just letting them know that they are not alone, and treating them with kindness and dignity when they are feeling most vulnerable. We never push any kind of message saying that there is something wrong with you.”

Where else can I lighten?

The options for skin lightening are almost endless. While the trend started with anal lightening, it’s moved on to other parts of the body. Available for purchase are lightening products for sensitive areas, nipples, lips, armpits, face, under eyes, and a general whole body lightening cream. You can really lighten anywhere.

If you have any more questions about the process, leave them in the comments!