September is National Prostate Health Month! To celebrate, we talked to a sexpert at Aneros to get you the best tips for prostate massage…

For many years, the idea of prostate massage was synonymous in most people’s minds with one thing…. a trip to the urologist. But over the last 16 years, the concept of recreational prostate massage has attracted a great deal of attention. This increase in popularity is arguably traceable to the release of hands-free male-G spot (prostate) massagers in 2002, products powered by a user’s own contractions. While erotic prostate massage dates back millennia, to the Eastern traditions of Tantra and the Tao, the development of devices that allowed an individual to explore self-administered prostate massage in the privacy of their own home was a game changer.

What to Know About Prostate Massage

For those who are experienced with anal play, prostate massage may be easily integrated into solo or couples sessions. After all, it’s a small step (around three inches) from the anal opening to the posterior surface of the gland. Aficionados of anal fun may already be vaguely familiar with prostate sensations even from the lesser, more tangential contact of a vibrator or a dildo. Prostate massage ups the game by providing a more focused stimulation of the gland which houses a bundle of nerves known as the prostatic plexus. The pudendal nerve, (the nerve that carries sensation from the penis and the skin around the anus and perineum) is one of a number of nerves in this bundle. This explains why prostate massage recipients often report feeling sensations all over the pelvic region. It’s no wonder that the prostate was seen as a center of sexual vitality and inner energy and regarded in sacred terms in Tantric and Taoist teachings.

What to Consider Before the Massage

Before exploring prostate massage, one should be mindful of several things. To start with, the prostate is not a penis, and while that might seem self-evident, many people make the mistake of approaching the practice in a similar way to penile stimulation. While harder, faster, longer may work for a hand job, it is not the case with prostate massage. The truth is, the prostate is more responsive to stimulation in the subtle to moderate range. And while slightly more elevated intensities can be pleasant, they shouldn’t be maintained for a long period of time as the prostate can be easily desensitized. Beyond that, it should be said that vigorous, sustained, high-intensity manipulation of the prostate can be harmful, and should be avoided.

Different Types of Prostate Massage

Prostate massage techniques fall into two groups: manual prostate massage and device assisted prostate massage.

Manual prostate massage (massage by hand): requires the assistance of a partner, therapist or bodyworker. While it is possible to do this on your own, it’s not practical as it’s difficult to position oneself for proper access. And even when penetration is achieved, say by someone on their side with long thumbs…it’s difficult to maintain contact for very long. In most cases, manual prostate massage will include the assistance of another. To begin, all the usual suggestions regarding anal play apply here as well. The giver should have clean hands with trimmed, filed, fingernails to avoid snags. (Gloves are often preferred for convenience and sanitary purposes). For the sake of comfort and mobility use a good quality personal lubricant.

Have the receiver laying on his back with legs spread and knees slightly bent. Apply lubricant to the glove and massage and lubricate the anus externally. Spending a minute or two on this step facilitates penetration and adds to the sensual nature of the experience. Slowly introduce a fingertip, working it in and out, with progressively deeper strokes. Apply additional lubrication as needed. Depending on the comfort and experience of the receiver you may want to use two or more fingers. Doing so provides additional stimulation and can lessen fatigue for the giver. Encourage the receiver to relax and breathe deeply. Massage the anal canal and inner sphincter. Curl a finger upward while moving inward two or three inches and you will engage a small (larger in older men) bump. This is the prostate. The surface should feel smooth and rounded. Run your finger(s) along the perimeter, then explore the entire surface area with gentle sweeping strokes. Now change up, moving the finger(s) in and out using the same sweeping technique when engaging the prostate. Try with different degrees of pressure, paying attention to the responses of the receiver.

Prostate massage can be used in conjunction with penile stimulation for an explosive ejaculation or as an end in itself with a prostate-centered whole-body orgasm. Experiment and explore.

Device-assisted prostate massage: is more straightforward, but it has some limitations you should be aware of. First, most dildos and vibrators are relatively straight, so it’s difficult to maneuver them in order to reach the prostate directly. G-spot dildos /vibrators are normally angled, so they can engage the prostate. However, bear in mind that the physics of an instrument with a straight shaft and a bent end is essentially that of a lever arm. What this means is a great deal of force can be transmitted to the tip, with a minimal amount of energy from the outside, so be very careful with the amount of pressure used with these kinds of instruments. If you are using a vibrator always keep in mind the dual nature of vibration….it can be stimulating and desensitizing at the same time (remember, vibrators are also used for pain management). This becomes an issue with prostate play because the prostate is desensitized by stronger stimulation. If one is not careful, it’s possible to numb the receiver’s prostate, masking the amount of true pressure that is being brought to bear. If you must use vibration, make sure that the mode is dynamic (constantly changing) using slow inward strokes of the device so as to avoid sensory overload.

Hands-free prostate massage products: fall into the device assisted prostate massage category. They are unique in that they are configured in accordance with male anatomy and designed to be driven by ones anal contractions only. As a result, they reach the right places automatically delivering the correct amount of pressure, so it’s not possible to hurt oneself. These products have additional benefits in that they stimulate 4 erogenous zones (the perineum, the anus, the Kundalini spot or area behind the anus, and the prostate), simultaneously and again, they can be used without assistance.

Prostate massage can add a new dimension of intimacy to any relationship and allow an individual to discover a different dimension of sexual fulfillment. For best results and safety, one should avoid the consumption of drugs and alcohol during these sessions with giver and receiver maintaining good communication at all times.