There are lots of fun toys on the market these days so why not get one that can do the job of two? With both penetration and clitoral features, the Aria Brilliant from Blush Novelties is a brilliant addition to your drawer of goods. It curves to the fit your body to satisfy in a bed, bath, or shower. This super soft silicone rabbit might just be your next BFF.

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Name: Aria Brilliant
Type: Dual action, rabbit style vibrator
By: Blush Novelties

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 4 Bees

Materials: Silicone
Special Features: 10 functions, bendable shaft, dual action, waterproof

Two is Better than One

Two styles, in this case. The Aria Brilliant has two favorite styles in one dual action, rabbit style toy. If you like vaginal penetration, great. If clitoral is more your thing, perfect. This vibrator brilliantly mashes the best of both worlds. Whether you know exactly what gets you going or are trying to experiment into new territory, Brilliant is such a great option.

The toy is about 10 inches long with about an inch wide girth. This allows for deep penetration and good, solid width if you are looking for an intermediate level toy. The Aria Brilliant even gets better with its bendable shaft. Yes, the shaft is actually bendable, allowing for extra exploring. As a result, it fits perfectly with any anatomy. The flexible shaft shifts both up and down about half an inch to create G-spot stimulation. If you are new to discovering your G-spot, this will be helpful to discover where exactly your magic spot is. It does exist. I promise. (Note: If you have trouble finding your G-spot, use this as a guideline. Once inside, make your index finger in a “come hither” shape and point it towards yourself, upwards to your belly button. For many, about two knuckles deep is where you can find your the treasure spot. This is a little trick I tell my clients to have an idea of where to explore and find gold.)

You think the Aria Brilliant’s penetration feature sounds good? The clitoral stimulator is something to rave about as well. The rabbit is curved to help hit the clitoris perfectly. Not to mention, this piece is flexible in a manner similar to the shaft so you can really aim and shoot to hit your target. There are three whiskers on each side of the clitoral stimulator which adds extra love to the clitoris and labia. All around, Aria Brilliant is a buzzing good time.

Smooth Vibrations

Smooth is the best description for the Aria Brilliant. It’s not just because of its super soft silicone, which feels amazing on the body, but the vibrations are just as smooth! The Brilliant offers ten different vibrating functions. There are five different speeds and five different patterns. The five steady speeds range from mild like an electric toothbrush to the strength of the last minute of the wash cycle. You know when it vibrates so much you’re slightly concerned? It’s about that strong.

There are five vibration patterns as well: gradual increase, short pulses, long pulses, plateau intervals, and random combinations. These range of choices can mesh with whatever you’re feeling on any given day. I like to mix it up so Aria Brilliant helps keep me guessing. If your mom or roomie is outside your door, you may want to be conscious of the sound. Our new friend is a little on the loud side.

What I love most about this toy is that the vibrations are strong and deep throughout the toy. You can feel it from the tip of the shaft to the edge of clitoral rabbit. It’s so satisfying that an entire toy offers vibrations rather than one feature over another. It gives a whole new meaning of fulfillment.

Pretty in Pink

Aria Brilliant comes in two different colors, pretty pink or lime green. Both are very modern and fresh, just like the packaging. It almost has the vibe of the “vibrators of the future.” The Brilliant takes 3 AAA batteries and is controlled by only one button. Super easy, right? The battery source also has a lip, making the toy waterproof for shower and bath play. To clean, just wash with mild soap and warm water. Now, your happiness is limitless.

Pros & Cons


  • Dual action
  • 10 vibrating functions
  • Bendable shaft
  • Smooth silicone


  • On the loud side

The Aria Brilliant is great for those who want a new, elevated toy from their beginner vibrator or want to add a solid toy to the collection. From its super sleek and soft design to its different sensations, this rabbit style toy will brilliantly satisfy. How does the song go? It takes two to make a thing go right. And Aria Brilliant, with its dual functions, does it right.

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