KY’s Liquibeads are designed to be inserted prior to sex, including days before to up to 30 minutes before sex, to dissolve and help promote lubrication over time. I was a little surprised at the design of the KY LiquiBeads, because the only thing I’ve ever used in this type of vaginal insert form is yeast infection medicine. To test the Liquibeads, I used them by myself and with a partner to see if they did increase lubrication, and if I liked the desired effect. The beads definitely work and give a lot of lubrication, but personally, they were too much for my vagina. The product also contains glycerine, which can increase the chance of yeast infections, and is usually a no-go for vaginas, and is a sign of low-quality lubricant products overall. So, while the Liquibeads do have the desired effect, they weren’t right for my vagina. Keep reading to explore the experience, and why I prefer other lubes instead!

Note: This product is overall not our favorite lubricant. We recommend Wicked Sensual Care instead!


KY Liquibeads


How Do KY Liquibeads Dissolve?

KY Liquibeads come with an applicator that is very reminiscent of yeast infection treatment. You put a pill in the top and shoot it up into your vagina. The idea behind the product is that once it’s in, you’re set to go for the night and don’t need to worry about reapplying lube again and again. It takes about 30 minutes for it to fully dissolve, so it’s like a “before you go out” sort of thing. When I tried the Liquibeads the first time, I was just seeing what they were about and masturbating. Unfortunately for me, I put one in during the middle of the day, thinking they would dissolve quickly. But by the time the ovule had dissolved completely, I had to go back to school. That quickly became an issue. My partner also thought it was funny and used the applicator first to shoot the bead at me, so perhaps if your partner is like mine, do not show them the application process.


KY Liquibeads


If you’re going to use Liquibeads, I strongly recommend wearing underwear, which I rarely do. I went to school, wearing a maxi dress commando, and let me tell you, I felt like I was slipping and sliding everywhere! Multiple times I had to go to the bathroom and wipe down my inner thighs and crotch because the lube was moisturizing me so much. It wouldn’t stay in my vagina and was leaking everywhere! When I finally got to go home, I jumped in the shower, and clean up was easy, the leaking was over, but that might be because it was five hours later. Still, my vagina smelled like lube for the next three days. The insertion part may be no-mess, but my experience was very far from mess-free. However, if you’re going to be hooking up right away, that shouldn’t be an issue.


KY Liquibeads


KY Liquibeads Moisturizes Too Well

The lubricant itself is very moisturizing, oily, and long-lasting. It isn’t quite the ideal lube for me, but it is a very thick lube that will work well, particularly if you’re having very active sex. In my experience, it was just way, way too much. It made quite a mess, and although it seemed like a decent quality lube, it was distracting that there was just so much of it. However, this may not be an issue for other people who require more lubrication to get going.

That said, it also concerns me that there’s glycerine in KY Liquibeads, which highly increases the chance of yeast infection. If you’re prone to yeast infections, this is definitely an ingredient to steer clear of. I prefer lubricants that are considered more body-safe from higher-end companies like Wicked, and although I think the concept is really cool, would have loved to see this with a higher quality lube. Personally, I’d rather apply a high-quality lube higher into my vagina than use a lower-quality lube in an insert.


KY Liquibeads


KY Liquibeads Has Room To Improve

Based on my experience and my needs, my verdict is that this product was not right for me – although it may be great for someone who experiences more dryness. While KY Liquibeads received good reviews on their website, these are just way, way too much for me, and I don’t find the ingredients to be particularly body-safe. If you require more lubrication though, they may work well for you. I still have a few left, so perhaps I will keep them for a day where I know I’m going to have TONS OF FRICTION sex, but that’s the only time I can see myself wanting to use these again in the future.

Note: This product is overall not our favorite. We recommend Wicked Sensual Care instead!


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