Looking for a long-lasting alternative to regular, water-based lubricants? Astroglide has your back with their Premium Silicone lube. It’s advertised as a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and latex compatible lubricant that can also be used for water play. Because silicone isn’t water-soluble, you can use it in the shower without it dissolving away to nothing. Will it be up to the test?

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Two Silicone Ingredients

Astroglide Premium Silicone is clear, tasteless and odorless. It only has two silicone-derived ingredients and no added nasties, so it should be safe for all bodies. Not so for toys, however – always do a patch-test when using silicone toys and lube together, or your lovely toy might get all tacky and gross. Silicone likes to bond together, so it’s safer to use the lube in partnered play or with non-silicone toys.

In Use

I decided to test out the water-play angle, and can confirm: this lube stays put, maintaining its slippery glide even in a hot bath. If you’re into shower fun, you should definitely invest. Astroglide Premium Silicone feels more substantial than water-based equivalents, almost creating a layer over any delicate tissue that protects them from any harm that might be caused by friction. This means you can keep going for ages without needing to reapply. It spreads very easily, which makes changing settings on any toys you use a bit tricky, but it also means that you only use a very small amount to get the desired effect.

The lube leaves a slight residue that feels more like recently-applied moisturizer, but it can be a little tacky and needs to be washed off with the aid of soap (because it’s not water-soluble).


This lube is great because it only has two ingredients (simpler is usually better, whether it’s health food or lube) and packs a great punch. It’s an excellent investment in your library of sensual accessories, especially if you enjoy rigid toys.

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