Tampons and Pads are the two most known ways of containing your period, but in the past few years, a new product has come on the market. Menstrual cups are the most eco-friendly way of handling your period. Each of these little cups can last between five and ten years and you are able to wear them for up to twelve hours at a time. Forget wearing the uncomfortable pad to bed, just insert your cup and be on your merry way. When I was first turned onto menstrual cups about a year ago I was a little skeptical, I mean, can something be this helpful and last you that long? Why would companies even want to make these cups, there is barely any money to be made, but I haven’t looked back since. When I got the chance to try the XO Flo Menstrual cup I was excited because I’ve only used the Diva Cup before. Now, the XO Flo has become my new go-to menstrual cup!

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Name: XO Flo Menstrual Cup
By: Glad Rags

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars

Material: Silicone

Compared to Others

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I had only used the Diva Cup before the XO Flo. When I first opened the box, I was shocked at how large the actual cup part was. Compared to my Diva Cup, there is a HUGE difference in the way they look. The two biggest things that stuck out for me were the tail length on the XO Flo and the capacity. Other cups I’ve tried have been thinner and have a shorter tail on the end, while the XO Flo had a larger and deeper cup with a longer tail that made it easier to pull out.

When I was first using the Diva Cup, I had to shorten the tail because it was long enough to poke me uncomfortably when I was sitting down, I was happy to discover that while the XO Flo did have the longer tail, I didn’t have to shorten it one bit because it conformed perfectly no matter what position I was in. As someone who is blessed with a heavy flow during the first few days of her period, capacity is a huge thing for me. The XO Flo has one of the largest capacities for menstrual cups on the market. XO Flo has a 38 mL capacity which is much higher than most of the cups in the market. Most other cups on the market have a 30 mL capacity.

Using the XO Flo

If you used a menstrual cup before, using the XO Flo is pretty similar to others. If you’ve never used one before, menstrual cups are really easy once you get used to it. Now you have to be comfortable with inserting something into your vagina, fingers included. Definitely lube up the cup before you get ready to insert it. I’ve used both water and an unscented lubricant I had lying around before, just make sure the lube you use is okay to use with silicone products because otherwise, it could degrade the cup.

Once you get it lubricated pinch two sides together so it makes a sort of “C” shape and inserts it so it is angled towards your tail bone. Once you get it into place, release the sides you have pinched and make sure that it’s sealed completely, so there’s no spillage. To make sure it’s sealed just twist the cup and then you’re good to go! Now although I didn’t have any problems with the stem, GladRags says that if it starts to be a bother, you can trim it as short as you need it, just make sure you’re able to the cup out.


Before you use your cup for the first time, make sure you wash it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. You can wear the cup for up to twelve hours at a time and GladRags recommends that you wash your cup every twelve hours or each time you empty the cup. You can use warm water and mild soap to wash it and make sure you dry it completely before you store it. When it comes to the end of your period, you can boil the cup if you like and then dry it completely before putting it into the fabric bag that cups with each of the XO Flo Cups. Do not store in airtight containers or plastic bags because these types of products breed bacteria. Each time before you use your XO Flo make sure you wash it thoroughly.

Pros & Cons


  • Reusable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Silicone


  • Might be uncomfortable for beginners


I am a huge supporter of menstrual cups and the XO Flo does not disappoint. With a large capacity and a long tail, this cup is good for beginners who are looking for their first venture into the world of menstrual cups or for veterans who need something just a little bit bigger. It’s easy to clean and maintain, as well as long-lasting.

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