America has come to love her as the sinister chick from “Parks and Recreation,” who hates friendships and legal activities. Her performance in indie film “Safety Not Guaranteed” earned her praise and a bunch of nominations, but Plaza’s character is perpetually peeved at her life and especially peeved at her dimwitted coworkers. But the great Aubrey Plaza, herself, is tired of getting categorized as the girl who rolls her eyes at everything. Every magazine only has the ability to describe her as “deadpan” or “sardonic.” Plaza isn’t the disgruntled weirdo she plays in every movie she’s cast in. She does in fact have a smile, and she is in love with Tina Fey. She has a dairy allergy, and she can drive a motorcycle. She’s lively. She’s much better than bizarre.


Name: Aubrey Plaza
Twitter: @evilhag
Her twitter avi is Matthew Gray Gubler’s head photoshopped onto Kate Upton’s nipple-tastic tits. She calls it Matthew Gray Boobler.

Birthday: June 26, 1984
Sign: Cancer
Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware

Occupation: Comedian, Actress
Claim to Fame:
Parks and Recreation, The To-Do List

Why We Love Her

No Sweetheart Scamming

Most famous women are restricted to the one personality that pervades all romantic comedies ever—the bubbly, giggly, pretty one. Aubrey Plaza, however, never turns on a fraud sweetheart charm for talk shows and interviews. Sure, an adorable laugh and a fake smile would demolish the image of “creepy-but-still-sexy” image that we all love her for, but Plaza has admitted that she is actually incapable of emulating such a persona. “I’m not super comfortable in my skin. I have to make it work for me, and that usually amounts to making it uncomfortable for everyone else,” Plaza explained to Rolling Stone. It’s how she persisted through an improv comedy routine where she had to follow Adam Sandler, and it’s why her stiff dance move on Ellen prompted a snarky comment from Ellen herself. Plaza’s ungraceful gawkiness isn’t a weakness, despite the pleas of her publicists—it’s her embracing her own sense of charisma and cheekiness.


“On behalf of Amy,” Aubrey Plaza announces into the microphone at the Critic’s Choice Awards,  “I’d like to, um, thank the devil and all the dark lords who gave her this award and allowed her to feast on the flesh of the innocent.” At the MTV Movie Awards, Plaza ran on stage to steal Will Ferrell’s award from him during his acceptance speech. In an interview with Good Day New York, she wore fake teeth. She made an appearance on Getting Doug with High, smoking a joint right in front of the camera. Aubrey Plaza doesn’t know the definition of regret—only funny shit and total commitment. The press roars over Plaza acting out of the norm, but for her, it’s just what seemed like a fun idea at the time.

 Tweety Sweetie

Celebrity Twitter horror stories run amok in the news, whether they be accidentally posted nudes, celebrity-to-celebrity Twitter fights, or offensive jokes. So, most choose to handle their social media with extra caution and be selective with what they post. Aubrey Plaza’s Twitter account has no such vibes. Her tweets, or as she refers to them “TWEEEEEETTTTR TWEET TWEETTTIES,” are as wild my RA on a coke high. On her page @evilhag, you’ll find a plethora of selfies from the unflattering to the demon-like, or you’ll stumble across the fan-made photo of Plaza’s face photoshopped onto the house cat. Maybe you’ll be fascinated with the sketches that Aubrey drew from last night’s dreams, complete with the hashtag #noonecares. Even on her Instagram, she staged the murder of Kathy Griffin. In the age of Internet catastrophes and ubiquitous fabricated online personas, Plaza’s refusal to have dainty, censored Tweets fits in perfectly with her compulsive sense of merrymaking and her imperturbable assholery.

Not a Sidekick Chick

When Aubrey Plaza realized she has a lot of younger fans, she revealed in an interview with BUST, “But then I remembered that when I was younger, the people I gravitated toward were, like, Janeane Garofalo. She was so big for me because she made it OK to be sarcastic and smart and wear glasses and not be a cheerleader. I think maybe I’m a version of that now.” Even in her role in “Funny People” alongside Seth Rogen, she contends that she isn’t silly romantic interest. She gets dimensionality and her share of jokes. “I think allowing me to be funny and weird and on the same page as the guys hopefully made it more real,” she commented. It’s clear that Aubrey Plaza will never contort herself to suit the suffocating expectations for a modern woman, especially a famous one. That holds true on and off stage.

Perf’ Plaza

I always find myself gravitating back towards the popular gif on Tumblr of Aubrey playing the virginal high school graduate furiously masturbating. It’s likely because her performance is so compelling. This gif demonstrates her tough spirit of commitment all in of itself. She’s having some typecast woes, but she still has hope for playing an Oscar-worthy role with emotional vulnerability and stuff like that for the future. She surmises her attitude towards everything in an interview with Cosmo for Latinas, “Humor is always the way I deal with everything. Whether it was a shitty job, a boring class, or anything, my brain is always looking at it through that lens.” Her outlandishness is her own, her penis jokes the source of her inhuman strength, and her unapologetic abrasiveness is genius.

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