For beginners, it’s absolutely essential to learn to find your ultimate point of pleasure: the G-Spot. More experienced users too might find some difficulty in hitting that sweet spot just right. If you’re looking for precise G-Spot pleasure, a vibrator designed to really hit that location is absolutely necessary. B Swish’s Bgee Classic vibe targets the G-Spot and makes finding your favorite pleasure center a breeze.

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Name: Bgee Classic
Type: Vibrators, G-Spot Vibrators
By: B Swish

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibrations: 1 Car
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Plastic
Special Features: Beginners, Rounded Tip, Battery Operated, Rumbly Vibrations, Multi Speed, Travel Friendly, Waterproof

Perfect Shape

When I first started using sex toys, I was always nervous about the girth. Even after owning a few, I was always wary, preparing to play always with lube and hand. When I opened up the Bgee Classic, I immediately wished that this had been the toy I’d started trying out internal vibrations with. With just a one inch circumference, it’s so easy and comfortable to insert. The slightly thicker, rounded tip is intended for G-Spot stimulation and gets the job done perfectly. The angle reminds me of what your partner (your yourself) should be doing during fingering. It’s arched where the knuckle of a finger would be to stimulate your pleasure center perfectly! At seven inches long, I can’t imagine there are too many anatomies out there that wouldn’t work well with this toy, no matter how deep your G-spot is.

User-Friendly Design & Power

What I like most about the Bgee Classic is its simple, user-friendly interface. I’m experienced with sex toys, but I still prefer getting down and dirty with a contraption that’s easy to operate. For a beginner, simplicity is absolutely essential. The Bgee was definitely designed with a novice in mind, but that’s not to say experts won’t enjoy it as well.

To get started with this toy, simply twist off the base and insert two AAA batteries. Twist the bottom back on and you’re good to go! In my version, a simple dial at the base controlled the vibration levels. The vibes were rumbly, but not too intense – definitely on the lighter side, ranging from very light to almost mid-level vibrations. The sliding scale of the dial was very easy to use, though at times it jumped a bit more abruptly than I would have expected. I checked out B Swish’s site while writing this review, and it appears the Bgee has been updated to include a new feature – a button at the base that switches between different vibration modes. I’m sure this makes things even more user-friendly and enjoyable!

While the vibration levels were definitely light, they were still pleasurable to me. I’m typically a bit of a power queen, but I was till able to get off to these light vibrations – maybe because they leaned towards the rumbly side. Though this toy was definitely created for beginners, I can see more experienced users like myself whipping it out with a new partner who struggles to find their G-Spot. It’d be a great educative tool and is certainly non-intimidating for beginners or those uncomfortable bringing their toy box out in front of their partner.

Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Fabulous shape for hitting the G-Spot
  • Non-intimidating


  • More experienced users will likely desire stronger vibes


I really enjoyed this toy, even though it definitely wasn’t intense. Those looking to try out their first internal vibrator would certainly enjoy the Bgee, as would anyone who needs a little help locating their G-Spot. Next time one of my vibrator virgin friends heads to me for advice, this slim, user-friendly toy will be the first I recommend!

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