Wicked Sensual Care’s Ultra Heat Lubricant gives heat to solo and couple play in a matter of seconds. With just a small amount of this lubricant, your skin will start to tingle and heat up. Like it’s partner, the Ultra Chill Lubricant, the Ultra Heat Lubricant is a silicone based, vegan lubricant that can and will be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced lubricant users, especially if you like your play to be extra warmed-up.

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Name: Ultra Heat Lubricant
By: Wicked Sensual Care
Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil

Features: Condom Friendly, Travel Friendly, Vegan, Silicone Based, Warming Effect
Ingredients: Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Vanilla Bean, Dimenthicone, Dinmenthiconol, Water

The Details

Although I don’t typically like warming lubricants, I thoroughly enjoy the Wicked Ultra Heat Lubricant. It started as a slow, almost non-existent buzzing sensation when first applied to my skin, and slowly increased to a stronger heat, with more sensitive areas reacting most sensitively. Personally, I preferred using it as a massage oil and an external lubricant rather than an internal lubricant, because at some points, the heat became too intense for me to use it vaginally and anally. However, if you usually enjoy warming sensations, it may be perfect for you. It’s clearly a very high-quality lubricant, and you don’t have to use a large amount because it spreads nicely and works well.

Wicked Ultra Heat lubricant is a high-grade silicone lubricant, so it is not recommended for use with silicone based toys. However, it does work well with condoms, of any sort. I used it with both lambskin and polyurethane condoms, and I didn’t notice any type of issues when I used them. You can also use it with latex condoms.

The taste and smell of this lubricant is also awesome and honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever liked the taste and scent of a lubricant so much before. It smells like cinnamon rolls and tastes like, well, I don’t think there is a good enough description… but it’s almost like lemon and cinnamon spices baking in the oven. It’s wonderful! Because of this, Wicked Ultra Heat would also make a great flavored lubricant.


I enjoyed using this lubricant as a massage gel, because it was so soothing and warming – however, as someone who doesn’t prefer a strong warming sensation, it was a bit too much for me to use internally. It was best for me as an external lubricant. If you are someone who enjoys a strong heat sensation, than this would be the lube for you. It is great for foreplay and oral sex too, so I would highly recommend it if sensation lubes are your thing!

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